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Partner Bank J&T Banka

J&T Banka a.s. (‘J&T Bank’) was founded in 1998 in Prague, Czech Republic. The bank is considered a reliable partner for customers expecting the highest standards in service and product. As one of the fastest growing banks in the region, J&T Bank strives to help increase the value of its customers’ investments.

By the end of September 2014, J&T Bank had more than 42,000 customers. With EUR 4.2 billion on the balance sheet, it is one of the largest private banks in the region.

The bank ended the first half of 2014 with an operating profit of 934 million Czech Crowns, which constitutes a 47% increase in profit. The bank intends to continue its profitable growth pattern.


About the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is located in Central Europe. It has been an active member of the European Union for just over a decade, and therefore enjoys unrestricted access to the EU market. In terms of economic strength, the Czech Republic is considered a highly developed industrial nation and is a key player in the economy of Central and Eastern Europe. National debt to GDP rates in the Czech Republic are amongst the lowest in the whole of the EU. All major credit rating agencies rated the country’s outlook stable. The banking system in the Czech Republic is seen as healthy and stable.

Deposit Guarantee the Czech Republic

Deposits with J&T Bank are protected in full by the Czech Deposit Guarantee Scheme (Fond pojištění vkladů) for amounts up to EUR 100,000 per customer. This protection covers the deposits of all individuals, not just those of Czech citizens. More information about the national Deposit Guarantee Scheme in the Czech Republic can be found at http://www.fpv.cz

All Member States of the European Union have agreed on the need to better protect savers. Throughout Europe, the minimum requirements for national Deposit Guarantee Schemes were harmonized a number of years ago (EU Directives 94/19/EC, 2009/14/EC, and 2014/49/EU). These directives provide a standardized, high level of protection of deposits across the EU, regulating, among other things, repayment modalities and repayment deadlines.

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Tax process and documents

The standard withholding tax rate on interest in the Czech Republic is 15%. The tax rate can usually be lowered by providing the bank with a certificate of tax residence. The exact lowered withholding tax rate will depend on your country of residence.

J&T Banka requires a copy of a photo ID and proof of address in order to open a new deposit account. These documents will be required during Raisin‘s registration process and forwarded directly to the bank, once verified.

What is Raisin?

Raisin’s goal is to provide savers the best interest rates! We give you access to exclusive savings products from all over Europe – all via one single platform and fully online!

To date, more than 75.000 customers have invested more than EUR 3.0 billion with our 31 partner banks.

We earned the trust of our customers and not only received numerous awards but also have a recommendation rate of 95 % on the independent German rating portal Bankingcheck. This allowed us to build the largest and by far the most successful marketplace for savings and investment products across Europe.

Raisin guarantees a smooth investment process and the simple management of your investments with all of our partner banks via one single platform. And in case of any questions or doubt you can always get in touch with our excellent customer service who are happy to help.

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This communication is made by J&T Banka a.s. registered with the Commercial Register maintained by the Metropolitan Court in Prague, Czech Republic, Section B, File No. 1731 as a stock corporation (J&T Banka). J&T Banka (Branch of Bank) is regulated by the Czech National Bank to the extent of its competences as defined by applicable Legal Regulations.

Its paid up capital and reserves exceed CZK 9,558,000 (equivalent to EUR ~350,000 as of July 7, 2015) All deposit products referred to in this communication are provided by J&T Banka (Branch of Bank) and as such are afforded the protections of Czech laws.
The products are subject to the protections by the Czech Deposit Guarantee Scheme “Fond pojištění vkladů” (http://www.fpv.cz) in full for amounts up to EUR 100,000 per customer.