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We brought in more than 90 partner banks from more than 20 countries.

We are traveling 60% of the time.

Through distribution partnerships, we show the Raisin products to more customers than we have on all our retail platforms combined.

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Bank Partnerships


At the Business Development team for Bank Partnerships, we are constantly on the hunt for new partners that would be a good fit for our platforms. We analyze various potential banks from all across the EEA, we identify their funding needs and technical requirements, and initiate and nurture relationships with their senior stakeholders. Our goal is to ensure that they understand how a partnership with Raisin can help them meet their needs, while providing optimal coverage and the highest level of attention and support.

In the end, we make sure that our retail customers have access to attractive saving products from a growing variety of partner banks.


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We have regular team events (escape rooms, bowling, etc.), and in summer we’re known for hosting a major share of the office barbecues. We’re all great believers in having a work-hard, play-hard mentality and we try to make each team event better than the last.

The team feels a lot like a cosmopolitan family, with people from France, Nigeria, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, and Georgia. Half of us have a background in banking and the others contribute with valuable previous experience in Technology and Business Development.

Responsibilities – “As the team’s Analyst, I’m mainly responsible for assisting our team in gathering and analyzing the information and data that supports us as we meet banks and bring them to our platforms. Apart from this, I also manage the interns/working students in our team, handle various administrative tasks within the team so that our processes are smooth. Finally, I’m in charge of organizing the annual Raisin Partner Bank Conference.”

Favorite Project – “The Raisin Partner Bank Conference is one of the tasks I find particularly interesting. As it’s a way to strengthen our business 

relationships with our existing partners whilst also fostering new relationships, it’s always super exciting to plan this grand event.” 

Why Raisin “There’s lots to love about Raisin, but I’d say the thing that makes Raisin special and stand out, would definitely be the people. The people you find yourself surrounded by at Raisin tend to be some of the most fun, approachable, interesting and genuine people you would ever meet. It really changes the narrative so you tend to feel as though you’re doing work with friends rather than just colleagues.”


Junior Research Analyst

Distribution Partnerships

Distribution Partnerships - DescriptionDistribution Partnerships - DescriptionDistribution Partnerships - Description


The Distribution Partnerships team focuses on large partnerships with financial services providers from all over Europe. We work with banks, fintechs, insurances, and brokers, enabling them to offer Raisin’s product range to their customers.

It is our goal to increase the customer base for Raisin and its Partner Banks. Distribution Partnerships provide a channel with a great customer experience, where customers can seamlessly make use of the Raisin products, without having to leave their known environment. We are also able to enter more countries through distribution, rather than opening an own platform in a new country.



Responsibilities – “Within the distribution team, I am mainly responsible for our API partnerships, meaning that I take care of the initial discussions, subsequent onboarding, and management of the relationship and development of the partnership after launch. The potential and existing partners I work with cover different types of financial institutions – established banks, neo-banks, robo-advisors, insurers, etc. – and are located in different countries across Europe.”

Favorite Project – “Some of the projects I work on include partnerships with other financial institutions, such as N26 or IKB Deutsche Industriebank, where we 

enable them to offer attractive savings products from Raisin to their customers via a white-label API integration. All activities from the initial discussions to the onboarding and implementation to launching and refining the offering are very diverse and exciting.”

Why Raisin – “I really enjoy the interesting and challenging projects that I am working on both internally as well as externally with distribution partners, such as Scalable Capital. The colleagues I do this with are exceptionally talented, fun and supportive making it a very positive and dynamic environment to perform and thrive in.” 


Business Development Manager – Distribution

Business Clients

Business Clients - Description - Part 1Business Clients - Description - Part 1Business Clients - Description - Part 1



We are working on the business client platform as a whole. A range of different activities fall in the team’s responsibility – such as partnerships, marketing, sales, operations, product, legal topics, partner banks, and customer service. This makes our work very diverse and interesting.

The business client team thrives to provide the best savings products without barriers to business clients who are confronted with penalty interest rates and in need of a solution to park their liquidity without having to pay for it. For this, we are constantly adding new and attractive offers to the platform as well as improving processes to provide a great customer experience.





We are serving a number of different customers: the companies that become our clients to invest on the platform, the partner banks that place their offers on our platform, and the distribution partners that offer our products to their clients.

We mainly work on projects of different sizes, using a lean and agile methodology with constant reprioritizing and adapting according to our goals.

Business Clients - Description - Part 2Business Clients - Description - Part 2Business Clients - Description - Part 2


Head of Business Clients

Responsibilities – “I’m personally responsible for leading the Business Clients team. In the overall Raisin landscape, this means contributing to top-line growth by increasing the assets under management from this customer segment.” 

Favorite Project – “My favorite project was/is/will be growing the Business Clients platform which is still quite young. This involves trying out new things, thinking differently about our clients due to many dissimilarities to retail clients. Thus it’s a constant learning process and so much more. If I had to be more specific, the favorite project was definitely

the launch of our Commerzbank partnership in April 2019.”

Why Raisin – “The challenges, learnings, successes, changes, growth and last but not least, the fun we experience together as a team. In the last four years since I joined, it has been incredible to see Raisin grow as an organization beyond its earlier stages. The rapid growth felt like pushing the fast forward button on an organizational growth tape. What I love about working at Raisin is that every employee seems to share the same values and I perceive everyone as being very open, approachable and cooperative.”

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Werkstudent Customer Service - Backoffice/Dokumentenmanagement (m/w/d) – Customer Support

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Working Student CRM Marketing (m/f/d) – Marketing

Working Student Customer Service Operations (m/f/d) – Customer Support

PPC Performance Marketing Manager (m/w/d) – Marketing

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(Senior) Test Automation Engineer (m/f/d) – Engineering - Raisin team

AML/KYC Operations Manager (m/f/d) – Legal & Compliance

Accountant (m/w/d) – Finance

Accountant Oracle NetSuite (m/w/d) – Accounting & Controlling - RSB

Application Support Engineer (m/f/d) – IT

Application Support Engineer (m/f/d) – IT - RSB

Associate – USA DS

Associate Customer Service – USA DS

Associate Quality Management (m/f/d) – Customer Support

Credit Risk Manager (m/w/d) – Risk Controlling - RSB

Intern Business Development & Bank Onboarding (m/f/d) – Business Development

Customer Marketing Manager – Marketing

Customer Service Reporting & Forecasting (m/f/d) – Customer Support

Data Engineer (m/f/d) – IT - RSB

Data Product Manager (m/w/d) – IT - RSB

ERP Project Manager (m/f/d) – ERP

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Full-Stack Web Developer (m/f/d) – Engineering - Raisin team

Head of CRM (m/f/d) – Marketing

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Working Student Product Operations (m/f/d) – Partner Bank Management & Ops

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