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Our teams grew by 61% in 2019.

We are from 8 different countries and speak 7 different mother tongues.

Our tools: Looker, Snowflake, Snowplow, Redshift, Amazon S3, ApacheAirflow, NetSuite, Spendesk, TravelPerk

Business Intelligence

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We take care of the company’s data, including extracting the relevant data sets, merging them with business logic in our data warehouse and providing the tools to access and visualize our company’s numbers. We also actively train qualified members of each team to use the data and tools.

Our goal is to have a truly democratic data organization, one where users can access what they need to get their jobs done without barriers, and to provide meaningful and insightful analyses to our internal stakeholders to further the business.


Responsibilities – “We collect business-relevant data from all over the company, generate insights from it and make all of that easily available to the whole organization. My role as Analytics Lead is to help other teams define their data needs and to organize and prioritize the work of the BI team to fulfill them.”

Favorite Project – “My favorite project was (and still is) the long-term effort of helping my team grow and 

mature. This includes tech-milestones like our switch to a new orchestration tool for our data pipelines, as well as us hiring and onboarding new team members to keep up the pace with the company’s growth.”

Why Raisin – “I’ve been working here for a couple of years now and in that time I was able to see a lot of transformation and growth, but what has never changed is how funny, smart and helpful the people around me are.”


Team Lead Data Warehouse and BI Operations



Finance - DescriptionFinance - DescriptionFinance - Description


We have three specialized areas in our finance team: controlling, accounting & consolidation, and our ERP system.

Our responsibilities include investor relations, bookkeeping, management accounting, cash management, accounting, consolidation and group reporting, controlling, budgeting, incl. Raisin’s business case as well as financial oversight on all group companies in Germany and abroad.

We all strive to automate processes along the financial value-chain to ensure we scale along with our fast-growing company.

Our stakeholders vary from employees and managers, to investors, suppliers, and customers, along with regulators in different countries.

Responsibility – “A big part of my responsibilities is taking care of our bonus programs which I have to review from a controlling perspective relating to efficiency and effectivity before they go live. Part of this is, of course, also ensuring that the bonuses are paid out on time.”

Favorite Project – “There are two projects that are particularly interesting to me: Firstly, the migration of our new ERP-System, Oracle NetSuite, where I am responsible for the testing.  

Secondly, I really enjoy my current project, building a marketing controlling system where I work closely with Business Intelligence, which is very enriching.”

Why Raisin? – “Raisin became like a second family over the last years. There are so many people that have become friends. Thus, for me, spending a big part of my day here at Raisin is always pleasant. My work and challenges never stagnate, so I regularly get fresh motivation.”


Finance & Process Controller

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