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Our squad members are from
40 different nations.

We more than doubled the number
of our squads during 2019.

Our languages:
Java, JavaScript, Python, Kotlin, Groovy

The IT organization at Raisin works in cross functional teams, split into chapters and squads. In addition to our different engineering chapters, we also have an Agile chapter, a Product Design (UX & Design) chapter, a Product Owner chapter as well as a number of IT Operations teams. While every squad has the autonomy to pick their own agile methodology, the majority is using Scrum or Kanban.



Frontend - DescriptionFrontend - DescriptionFrontend - Description



We are responsible for all applications with a user interface, like our public website, the online banking system for retail and business clients, our (soon launching) mobile application and some applications that are used by internal customers.

Working in one of the frontend chapters at Raisin means building a customer focused user interface. Therefore we work together closely with our Product Design chapter and with the Product Owners.

Our goal for the next month is to revamp our architecture across multiple applications to give the squads more autonomy.

Responsibilities –  “I am leading the front-end department at Raisin strategically and operationally, which means that I am enabling others to do an even better “coding job”. Additionally, I am responsible for the high-quality delivery, the speed and health of my department, the low technical debt in many areas of our system landscape, the efficiency of the development process and the underlying toolchain.”

Favorite project – “I have been working for Raisin since 2015 and was part of many projects. I really remember my very first one for which I got hired, 

which was building our public websites. Many years later, I enjoy leading a team of very talented people to bring our frontend architecture to the next level.”

Why Raisin – “Working at Raisin is almost always fun, challenging and exciting. Every day I learn something new about the company, my co-workers and most surprisingly also about myself. Every new colleague brings a valuable perspective on the challenges we’re facing. Another highlight for me is the friendly and relaxed working atmosphere between a lot of open-minded people.”


Director Engineering


Backend - DescriptionBackend - DescriptionBackend - Description


In contrast to the front-end chapter, we are responsible for evolving the back-end part of Raisin’s platforms, which includes analyzing the functional and none-functional requirements, the design, the implementation, testing and the maintaining of our microservices on our platform. Thus, our main internal customer is the Product Organization. The result of our joint work is improving the functionality for our valuable customers on our platform.

The goal we are working on is to create the next generation backend platform that enables our growing business for the next 10 years. Our talented engineers are confident of achieving this by utilizing the newest cloud technologies and software architectures.

Responsibilities – “My squad is working on the investment products at Raisin, which involves the designing, developing, containerizing and shipping of the features to go live.
It is my responsibility to develop good quality applications by setting development standards in the team. Thus, I am making sure our application adhere to the industry.”

Favorite Project“My most interesting project was migrating our server-based applications onto the

Kubernetes environment. I got to bring in my expertise and also learned a lot therein. It was a very challenging task completed with great team effort.”

Why Raisin – “The thing I enjoy most is the openness in the working environment, where we can voice our ideas and put those into action. Everyone is keen to share their knowledge and learn from each other. I think it’s the most motivating element one would want at a workplace.”


Senior Software Engineer

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance - DescriptionQuality Assurance - DescriptionQuality Assurance - Description


Our main responsibility is to provide test coverage and quality guarantee of the deliverables developed by the squads. Thus, we are divided into two chapters, Manual and Automation. We always work with the Raisin customer in our mind, aiming to provide them with the best experience while using our products.

Our goal is to organize the test cases repository to provide better coverage metrics, traceability of the features and other QA related metrics. We also want to split the test automation from one single test project with all the tests to separate repositories, testing each application separately.


Responsibilities – “At the moment, I’m splitting my time between two squads: Customer Acquisition, where I am responsible for everything related to our public websites and the new mobile squad, where I am working on developing mobile applications for our platform. My job is to do test automation for both of my squads.”


Favorite Project – “Setting up the continuous delivery process for our public website, that we have in place now, was a pretty exciting project of mine.”

Why Raisin – “I really like the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. No one takes themselves too seriously and everyone is willing to help when you need it. I also like the fact that there is room to take part in projects that may not be directly related to your primary role.”



Test Automation Engineer


49 Open Positions

(Senior) Project Manager (m/f/d) – Investment and Pension Products

Senior Customer Service Agent (f/m/d) – Customer Support

Product Manager ERP (m/f/d) – ERP

Product Security Engineer (m/f/d) – IT

SOC Analyst (m/f/d) – IT

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Security Compliance Analyst (m/f/d) – IT

Senior Accountant (m/w/d) – Accounting & Controlling - RSB

Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager – USA DS

Senior Associate Customer Operations & Knowledge Management (m/f/d) – Customer Support

Senior CRM Tech Manager (m/f/d) – Marketing

Senior Compliance Manager (m/f/d) – Legal & Compliance

Senior Customer Service Operations Manager (m/w/d) – Customer Support

PPC Performance Marketing Manager (m/w/d) – Marketing

Senior Data Engineer (m/f/d) – Data

Senior Product Owner (m/f/d) – Product

Senior Software Engineer (Back-End) (m/f/d) – Investment and Pension Products

Site Reliability Engineer (m/f/d) – Engineering - Raisin team

Software Engineer (m/f/d) – IT - RSB

Unsolicited Application (m/f/d) –

Werkstudent Customer Service - Backoffice/Dokumentenmanagement (m/w/d) – Customer Support

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter- Rechtsabteilung (m/w/d) – Legal & Compliance

Working Student CRM Marketing (m/f/d) – Marketing

Working Student Customer Service Operations (m/f/d) – Customer Support

Product Manager Banking as a Service (m/w/d) – IT - RSB

Junior Product Manager (m/w/d) – IT - RSB

(Senior) Software Engineer (Back-End) (m/f/d) – IT

Associate Quality Management (m/f/d) – Customer Support

(Senior) Software Engineer (Front-End) (m/f/d) – IT

(Senior) Test Automation Engineer (m/f/d) – Engineering - Raisin team

AML/KYC Operations Manager (m/f/d) – Legal & Compliance

Accountant (m/w/d) – Finance

Accountant Oracle NetSuite (m/w/d) – Accounting & Controlling - RSB

Application Support Engineer (m/f/d) – IT

Application Support Engineer (m/f/d) – IT - RSB

Associate – USA DS

Associate Customer Service – USA DS

Cloud Platform Engineer (m/f/d) – IT

Intern Business Development & Bank Onboarding (m/f/d) – Business Development

Credit Risk Manager (m/w/d) – Risk Controlling - RSB

Customer Service Reporting & Forecasting (m/f/d) – Customer Support

Data Engineer (m/f/d) – IT - RSB

Data Product Manager (m/w/d) – IT - RSB

ERP Project Manager (m/f/d) – ERP

Engineering Lead (m/f/d) – IT

Full-Stack Web Developer (m/f/d) – Engineering - Raisin team

Head of CRM (m/f/d) – Marketing

IT Business Analyst (w/m/d) – IT - RSB

Infrastructure Security Engineer (m/f/d) – IT

Working Student Product Operations (m/f/d) – Partner Bank Management & Ops

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