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We spend 60% of our time traveling around Europe.

Our team has 7 nationalities – only one of them is German.

We escaped the escape room with 1 minute to spare.

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Our team’s goal is to make Raisin truly pan-European and grow the size of the other markets. We want to ensure that Raisin’s presence is as strong across Europe as it is in Germany.

Team Europe’s responsibilities are to launch, run, and coordinate the country platforms. This involves marketing, operations, and customer service as well as making sure our platforms fit the needs of the local environment from the perspective of both the end customer and the regulators.

Our customers are the end consumers of Raisin’s savings products, and we work to ensure they have access to the best offers in the easiest way. We also work with banks and other fintechs to offer our products to their customers through distribution partnerships.


Responsibilities – “With the help of colleagues across the company, I am tasked with driving growth in the Irish market. As a Country Head, I am ultimately responsible for all business aspects related to the Irish platform. To this end, I spend my time finding new distribution channels, overseeing marketing efforts, managing the Irish website and content, and aligning with other stakeholders to ensure that we have a solid offering and a great service.”

Favorite Project – “Launching and then managing its evolution and growth has certainly been the most meaningful project I have participated in. 

This project involved every single team in the company in one way or another and has allowed me to see first-hand the creative ways my colleagues in different business units tackle complex problems.

Why Raisin – “The opportunity to work with such inspiring and diverse colleagues every day – whether they are my immediate teammates or internal and external stakeholders. Being surrounded by smart, creative people who are always willing to take time away from their tasks to explain something to me was especially refreshing when I first joined and is something that does not reduce over time.”


Country Head Ireland


Senior Marketing Manager Spain

Responsibilities – “I’m personally responsible for the planning and execution of our marketing strategy in Spain, working across all channels (including SEM, SEO, CRM, Affiliates, Offline…). I work hand in hand with the Country Manager for Spain and the business team responsible for our European platforms. As a marketer, I find this really exciting because on a daily basis I engage and have an impact on discussions that not only affect marketing but our overall go-to-market strategy. I love seeing how our campaigns and decisions reflect on the business and help our customers save money.”

Favorite Project “I recently launched an offline campaign that included TV, radio, and press. Coming from a digital background it was great to have the chance to take responsibility for such a campaign, from the planning stages to its execution and analysis.”

Why Raisin “I really value the transparency and trust put in all employees at Raisin. From interns to C-level, we are all given direct access to all data. This way I am able to make informed decisions independently, faster and without politics.” 

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