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We increased non-brand traffic by 500% in 2019.

We acquired 400,000 customers.

We shared 31 press releases in 2019.


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The Marketing Team at Raisin is driving demand to our international marketplaces for savings and investment products, to win new customers for our platforms. In Germany and Austria, our brand is WeltSparen, while in all other countries it is Raisin, like our company name. Our team supports all our markets, making sure we reach out to potential customers in a consistent way. We are thus divided into Brand Marketing, Performance Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing. Inside the company, we work cross-functionally with all departments at Raisin.



Our customers are consumers who want to benefit from higher interest rates for their savings, from easy access to cross-border deposit offers, and from the convenience of a one-stop shop platform. The decision process of potential customers for financial products is often quite complex. This is why creating relevant content about our products but also about personal finance, in general, is important to enable consumers to make the right decisions. As a new player with an innovative business model in the financial services sector building trust and awareness is key as well.

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Team Lead Brand Marketing



Responsibilities – My main responsibilities are Affiliate Marketing, involving online cooperations and partnerships with other financial websites, comparison sites, and newsletter providers as well as  Brand Marketing, including brand strategy, development, TV- and OOH campaigns and other offline channels such as events.”

Favorite Project – “Well, since I started my path at Raisin awhile back, in January 2015, I’ve experienced quite a lot of interesting projects so far. I developed and established the Affiliate Marketing Channel, built a strong team and took over additional responsibilities like Offline & Brand Marketing. Setting 

up our new Brand-/ TV Campaign including TV-spot development, castings, production in Georgia, revision of our brand image and working on brand character in 2019 definitely count among the most interesting and exciting ones.”

Why Raisin – “I think that Raisin understood that the people are one of the most important cornerstones for a company. Sure, employing more than 300 employees makes it increasingly harder to satisfy each individual one. But altogether, from my point of view, it’s an ambitious and conscious employer with high demands and nevertheless living “work hard, party hard” quite consistently.”

Communications & PR

Our aim is to make Raisin visible and spread the word about our company. Thus, we share a full range of content with multipliers, including journalists and editors from every kind of media, influencers, corporate partners, and social media channels.

We focus on qualitative goals, such as Raisin’s image, public and industry awareness of us, and our popularity, and on quantitative goals like media coverage, reach, and placements at relevant conferences, as well as awards.

Our team has a variety of stakeholders. Internally, we work cross-functionally with other departments on many projects. Our external customers are journalists, multipliers, corporate partners, investors, potential employees and of course Raisin’s customers – and further, the fintech scene, when it comes to industry-relevant topics.

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Marketing & PR - DescriptionMarketing & PR - DescriptionMarketing & PR - Description


We work a lot with Google tools: docs, sheets etc. Additionally, we organize our team with Asana, for internal project management and to-do’s. For media monitoring and international journalist contact data research, we have used Meltwater and Cision. When we send press releases we sometimes send out large mailings to journalists, along with monthly newsletters to business partners, via a variety of tools. Since we manage several social media profiles, we also use Twitter and LinkedIn regularly.

We don’t stop communicating once we’re done with our work. So you can occasionally find us in the kitchen, at our desks or at our neighborhood cafe with homemade ice-cream, having a refreshing chat with one another, or other team members.

Responsibilities – “I’m responsible for our international communications and social media, mostly on corporate topics that are interesting to international press and relevant business communities. I also support PR for our European platforms outside Germany, as well as in the U.S., and Raisin team members speaking at conferences, and I submit Raisin for international awards.”

Favorite Project – “Two of my favorite projects have been the research we developed, surveying older women in Germany on what financial advice they would give younger women, and building visibility for  

our really innovative U.S. offer and the team behind it, through announcements via press release and outreach, LinkedIn, thought leadership articles and much more….”

Why Raisin – “I enjoy the company’s culture of balance – of ambitious team goals with opportunities to learn and get training, high performance expectations with personal connection and appreciation – along with Raisin’s growth and expansion, which is very interesting. So it stays fun and fresh to work on communicating each step of our progress to our target audiences.”


Communications Manager International

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