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We are from 13 different countries and speak 12 different mother tongues.

So far, we have onboarded more than 90 partner banks from over 20 countries.

We are taking care of 400,000 customers.

Partner Bank Management


We are integrating our partners to the wonderful world of digital deposits and are improving their business every day by introducing them to new products or features. So, we actually feel like we are saving the world every other week.

In addition, we are also building and strengthening relationships with our existing partners. Continuously ensuring smooth operations with partner banks, investment products, and distribution partners is also part of our responsibilities.

Our tasks can vary and range from meetings and calls with existing partner banks, to technical integrations of new banks, daily operational tasks, as well as issue management and business process management.

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Our aim is to offer partner banks an easy and efficient onboarding process. Once they are live, the goal is to help them diversify their funding through our different country platforms, products, and distribution partners.

Generally speaking, we strive for avoiding and solving problems quickly and implement processes that expand the product offering and streamline existing tasks with partner banks, Raisin’s service providers, and distribution partners.

Responsibilities – “I am a part of the Partner Bank Onboarding Team. This involves many different tasks, from contract negotiation to setting the bank up in our system and aligning on newsletter campaigns.

I’m personally responsible for leading several onboarding projects as well as driving some of the internal improvement initiatives to help make the process of joining the platform smoother. Within the team I am also an expert for one of the technical integration types we offer, meaning that I try to be the first contact point for any questions regarding this solution.”

Favorite Project – “Every onboarding project I had was interesting in its own way. Our partners come from different countries all over Europe, which means that every day I work with people of various cultural backgrounds, trying to help banks overcome bureaucratic and technical hurdles as quickly and easily as possible.”

Why Raisin – “What I enjoy the most about working at Raisin is the degree of responsibility and trust I’ve been given from day one, being able to propose new ideas and solutions, and, of course, my team.”


Partner Bank Onboarding Manager

Customer Support

Customer Support - DescriptionCustomer Support - DescriptionCustomer Support - Description

The Customer Support team is responsible for making certain each of our customers has an outstanding experience when contacting Customer Service. To do this we manage the environment and the quality standards for our Customer Service Team. We are also one of the most important stakeholders within the company to address all topics regarding customers and Customer Service. Our stakeholders are our retail customers, business customers, partner banks, the Country Heads of our international platforms and a variety of other departments at Raisin (e.g. Partner Bank Management, Marketing, PR, and Business Development).

Our goals are to overachieve our customers’ expectations by making every contact with our Customer Service a positive experience. We communicate on an eye-to-eye level, we are always transparent, and we are reliable partners for a long business relationship with each customer.

Responsibilities – “Besides being the privileged ones who are in constant contact with our customers, we also make sure that the rest of the Raisin departments understand the customers’ needs and requirements. In my position, I coordinate the Customer Service teams for all non-German speaking platforms, including the UK, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Spain, and the .com platform. I’m responsible for ensuring that all processes and communications related to European customers are done in the most effective, simple and efficient way.”

Favorite Project – “Until now the launch of our last European platform, Ireland, has been the most enriching project in which I have been involved so far. The platform was launched 20 days after my start in the company. So besides it being a big challenge, it also served as a great learning experience for me.”

Why Raisin – “What I enjoy most about working at Raisin is no doubt the work environment. To feel that every day you are surrounded by great professionals with a vision very similar to mine in terms of results, work and personal as well as professional growth is very inspiring and motivating.”


Senior Customer Service Operations Manager

Legal & Compliance

Legal & Compliance - DescriptionLegal & Compliance - DescriptionLegal & Compliance - Description




We are dealing with all legal matters regarding Raisin such as our investors (financing rounds, secondaries etc.), lease agreements, trademarks, insurances and transactions as well as our corporate structure.

Major tasks are also data protection, internal audit, and compliance of all companies within the Raisin group.

Responsibilities – “On my agenda are all kinds of contracts Raisin wants to conclude. A majority of them are contracted with our partner banks and with distribution partners. Plus, I have to know my way around banking law, anti-money laundering law, and requirements regarding all our country platforms. In case there is any special case in labor law, I am the go-to lawyer for the Talent & Culture team.”

Favorite Project – “My favorite project was in 2019, where I was in charge of the legal matters regarding the launch of by Raisin Bank. We developed the legal setup, drafted contracts as well as terms 

and conditions and made sure PR and website information (including logos) are in line with the law. I always enjoy explaining our business and the legal framework to prospect partner banks to help Raisin’s sales functions.”

Why Raisin – “Raisin means a relaxed atmosphere and ambitions at the same time: ping pong table and billions of euros brokered. I personally enjoy taking ownership of my projects and working closely with other functions at Raisin such as tech, business development, and marketing. That’s great for expanding my horizon and helping me grow together with the company.”


Senior Legal Counsel

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