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Product at Raisin is responsible for the “why, what, when”, and in collaboration with Engineering the “how”, of rhythmic, iterative development, management and improvement of our software-as-a-service financial products.

As a team, we are constantly improving our ability to be effective in achieving a desired or intended result as earnestly as we work on improvements to our products, and the customer and partner experience. We do this, in part, by setting objectives and key results to which we strive, and that we refresh quarterly as we learn.


One of our primary responsibilities is the user experience (UX) across our three primary constituencies: the customer experience of our depositors and investors who trust us with their money; the partner experience of our cherished partner banks and, our B2B2C distribution partners; as well as the internal “Raisineer” experience – improving the tools used by our employees.

We consider ourselves a lean and agile organization, and ultimately “use whatever works best” given circumstances as we collaborate as a team to iterate to find what works optimally as a cross-functional team in a company with a unique product personality, mission and purpose.

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Responsibilities – “My team builds and runs the solutions to power our deposit offerings. It is our mission to facilitate onboardings of new banks into the platform, to grow assets under management, while also reducing the operational effort to do so.
I am responsible for identifying the most valuable things we can work on, by conducting analysis, talking to stakeholders and to the development team. I build the roadmap and manage the backlog, set sprint goals and lead the dissection of large problems into smaller sequence-able increments of value.”

Favorite Project –My first major project involved extending our managed deposit offering to support 

partnerships with banks from parts of the world with bilateral tax agreements with the countries from which our customers originate. I led the project end to end which involved the selection of a 3rd party SaaS supplier to facilitate calculations, developing integrations with the supplier and tax authorities, evolving operational procedures, overseeing legal changes, resource planning and much more.”

Why Raisin – Raisin is a very entrepreneurial environment to work in. There are ample opportunities to discover and take on initiatives, and the encouragement and support to do so. I really appreciate the fast pace, the culture of support and the feedback to help to develop yourself.”


Head of Product Deposits




We as a team – consisting of designers, researchers, and UX copywriters – craft seamless and frictionless experiences for current and new customers who wish to grow their wealth. We do this by tackling problems systematically and thoroughly to find the best solutions for our customers and business partners. Additionally, we support other departments, as for example marketing with graphic design and copywriting. We are constantly striving to be better than yesterday as well as working as a team towards balancing user needs and business goals. Thus, we use hybrid models that serve our squads, including iterative and cross-functionality processes.

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We are painters, Alice in Wonderland memorabilia collectors, photographers, escape-game addicts, film buffs, shrimp owners, cat lovers, gamers, musicians, and pony riders. We’re also super easy to get along with – but our predominant adventure is the daily struggle of where to have lunch.

Responsibilities – “I am the responsible product designer for our investment products. Besides that, I support other areas that are visible to our customers inside the online banking system such as deposit products. As a Lead Product Designer, I also connect Product, Engineering and Design to work on interaction problems, visualize product ideas and evolve them into a delightful user interface.”

Favorite Project – “I enjoyed working on the implementation of the information about portfolio calculations. To start from a base of empirical evidence, we conducted

user tests and I processed the feedback directly into my work. At the moment I am working on the important topic of guiding and setting up our product design chapter which consists not only of product designers but also of graphic designers and a UX copy writer.”

Why Raisin – “Raisin actively propagates the idea of employee appreciation and engagement. The company supports you with internal and external training, mentorship and a number of other amazing benefits. Another very important aspect for me is the open communication we have between employees and management.”




Product Design Lead


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(Senior) Project Manager (m/f/d) – Investment and Pension Products

Senior Customer Service Agent (f/m/d) – Customer Support

Product Manager ERP (m/f/d) – ERP

Product Security Engineer (m/f/d) – IT

SOC Analyst (m/f/d) – IT

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Security Compliance Analyst (m/f/d) – IT

Senior Accountant (m/w/d) – Accounting & Controlling - RSB

Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager – USA DS

Senior Associate Customer Operations & Knowledge Management (m/f/d) – Customer Support

Senior CRM Tech Manager (m/f/d) – Marketing

Senior Compliance Manager (m/f/d) – Legal & Compliance

Senior Customer Service Operations Manager (m/w/d) – Customer Support

PPC Performance Marketing Manager (m/w/d) – Marketing

Senior Data Engineer (m/f/d) – Data

Senior Product Owner (m/f/d) – Product

Senior Software Engineer (Back-End) (m/f/d) – Investment and Pension Products

Site Reliability Engineer (m/f/d) – Engineering - Raisin team

Software Engineer (m/f/d) – IT - RSB

Unsolicited Application (m/f/d) –

Werkstudent Customer Service - Backoffice/Dokumentenmanagement (m/w/d) – Customer Support

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter- Rechtsabteilung (m/w/d) – Legal & Compliance

Working Student CRM Marketing (m/f/d) – Marketing

Working Student Customer Service Operations (m/f/d) – Customer Support

Product Manager Banking as a Service (m/w/d) – IT - RSB

Junior Product Manager (m/w/d) – IT - RSB

(Senior) Software Engineer (Back-End) (m/f/d) – IT

Associate Quality Management (m/f/d) – Customer Support

(Senior) Software Engineer (Front-End) (m/f/d) – IT

(Senior) Test Automation Engineer (m/f/d) – Engineering - Raisin team

AML/KYC Operations Manager (m/f/d) – Legal & Compliance

Accountant (m/w/d) – Finance

Accountant Oracle NetSuite (m/w/d) – Accounting & Controlling - RSB

Application Support Engineer (m/f/d) – IT

Application Support Engineer (m/f/d) – IT - RSB

Associate – USA DS

Associate Customer Service – USA DS

Cloud Platform Engineer (m/f/d) – IT

Intern Business Development & Bank Onboarding (m/f/d) – Business Development

Credit Risk Manager (m/w/d) – Risk Controlling - RSB

Customer Service Reporting & Forecasting (m/f/d) – Customer Support

Data Engineer (m/f/d) – IT - RSB

Data Product Manager (m/w/d) – IT - RSB

ERP Project Manager (m/f/d) – ERP

Engineering Lead (m/f/d) – IT

Full-Stack Web Developer (m/f/d) – Engineering - Raisin team

Head of CRM (m/f/d) – Marketing

IT Business Analyst (w/m/d) – IT - RSB

Infrastructure Security Engineer (m/f/d) – IT

Working Student Product Operations (m/f/d) – Partner Bank Management & Ops

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