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We care for more than 300 employees located across Berlin, Frankfurt, Manchester, Madrid and New York.

We organized 79 internal Trainings in 2019.

We supported more than 40 new joiners with their visa processes in 2019.

We hired 133 people in 2019.

We are the Talent & Culture team at Raisin and take care of everything related to our (future) employees: starting from your application and recruiting process, employment contract, your relocation and visa process, through your onboarding, personal development and of course, your well-being here at Raisin.

People Operations



We take care of the administration at Raisin, which includes everything starting from working contracts to other work-related documents, for example, related to parental leave. Additionally, we offer support with relocation and visa processes, as 36% of our employees come from outside of Europe. Furthermore, we are responsible for the onboarding of new joiners and employee satisfaction is one of the topics we are working on.

Responsibilities –People Operations links up with Talent Acquisition. I take on administrative tasks such as preparing contracts and the relocation for new employees, as well as their onboarding. Whenever our employees have questions about their employment contract or other related topics, I am happy to support.”

Favorite Project – “The constant improvement of the administrative processes is a new, always ongoing fun project for me. This offers me the opportunity to make my work more efficient, but also to create added value


for the employees. Due to the digital transformation, also in administration, there are many great technologies that can make processes leaner.”

Why Raisin – “From the very beginning at Raisin, I have experienced that the company culture is very much appreciated as an important pillar of cooperation among our diverse team. Being part of it encourages me in my daily work. At Raisin, every employee is valued and therefore, every opinion matters. .”



 Senior People Operations Manager

Learning & Development

Learning & Development - DescriptionLearning & Development - DescriptionLearning & Development - Description



At Raisin, we strongly believe that every person has potential. That is why we encourage all of our employees to explore their talents by offering versatile internal and external development opportunities. We conduct internal leadership circles, business coaching and mentoring for our talents as well as a female empowerment forum for our female employees. Additionally, we organize some learning-related initiatives, such as on diversity and inclusion. In general, we are working on our team’s mission “Development for ALL” to provide an atmosphere, where everyone has the chance to develop and grow in.

Responsibilities – “I’m responsible for the Learning & Development team at Raisin. Together with my team my role is to extend the L&D portfolio and follow our mission development for all. I also manage our L&D budget and coordinate leadership initiatives, such as the Leadership Circle, business coaching, and the Female Empowerment Forum. In general, we are following an agile approach in our L&D work, adjusting our goals regularly and offering support whenever needed.”

Favorite project –One of my recent projects was designing the 2021 Leadership Program. It is a company-wide initiative for all leaders, spanning from first-time leaders to management. Here we have 

combined the most important development needs for leaders in one program. Our goal is to equip our leaders with the right tools and support them in solidifying their employee-lead relationships, building bridges to connect with leaders from other Raisin entities, and ultimately strengthening the leadership culture at Raisin.”

Why Raisin – “Raisin offers me the space to do my work in a creative way, giving me the freedom to follow a non-linear path to implement solutions that I consider to fit the most. Of course, this freedom goes hand in hand with trust. What I also very much appreciate is that I have enough space for my personal growth and development.”


Head of Learning & Development

Office Management

Office Management - DescriptionOffice Management - DescriptionOffice Management - Description

We are responsible for all office specific issues at Raisin, which are quite versatile. First of all, we aim to provide a nice office space for our employees involving our kitchens being filled with food and drinks, the availability of office supplies for the daily work, the preparation of workspace and our seating plans. In case something in our office breaks, needs to be changed or fixed, we are the first point of contact. Office Management also prepares conference rooms and catering for all kinds of meetings. Additionally, we organize events like our summer- and Christmas party, our monthly TGIF parties and our yearly company retreat.

Another responsibility of ours is the coordination of our external providers, such as cleaning companies, security services and suppliers. Since we are always trying to improve our office space, we are open to all kinds of topics and requests of our employees.

Responsibilities – “I am leading the Office Management team at Raisin, which means ensuring that we have a well-functioning office. At the moment one of my main responsibilities is our new office space. Since we are moving our headquarter at the end of this year, I am working closely together with our architect and the construction company.”

Favorite Project – “I really enjoy planning our different events such as our company retreat, our family event and our Christmas party. Also, the 

planning of our new office, from looking for the right space, over the first rough concept of the interior design and the coordination with different suppliers to the final move has been a very intense and exciting project.”

Why Raisin – “I like working at Raisin because it is a very colourful and dynamic company. I am surrounded by a very great and professional team every day. Also, being able to work independently is another important cornerstone of our very open and nice working atmosphere.”


Team Lead Office Management

Talent Acquisition

Matt Savage

Team Lead Talent Acquisition


Diana Medina

Talent Acquisition Manager


Lena Huppert

Junior Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding Manager


Caroline Sobków

Talent Acquisition Manager


Pauline Lugagne

Junior Talent Acquisition Manager


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