Raisin.com: A better way to reach your savings goals

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Have you ever passed up another bank’s better savings rate or product, all because you wanted to avoid the hassle of signing up to become a new customer and having to manage savings across multiple banks? You’re not alone, and now, you’ll never have to miss out on another great savings opportunity again.

Introducing Raisin.com

Raisin.com is an online savings products marketplace that allows you to deposit your cash across multiple high-yield savings products, all from one easy-to-use account.

Raisin.com gives you all of the following:


  • A selection of products from FDIC member banks and NCUA-insured credit unions, splitting high balances across multiple institutions while still managing the funds from one login

  • The ability to manage your deposits in different savings products, so that you can increase your interest income and reduce your interest rate risk


  • Access to competitive saving products — such as high-yield savings accounts, fixed-term CDs and no penalty CDs


  • A fast, simple sign-up process – no more need to sign up via individual banks’ websites

  • Simple management of multiple savings products, through a single platform, as well as consolidated account documentation come tax time

What is Raisin.com?

The Raisin platform provides a new way to help your savings unlock greater earning potential.

With a fast, one-time online account registration, you can get access to a range of savings products, such as high-yield savings accounts and traditional fixed-term Certificates of Deposit (CDs) or no-penalty CDs.

These products are offered by an exclusive network of federally insured partner banks and credit unions, which means that your savings, just like your current savings in other accounts, will benefit from FDIC and NCUA protection.

The Raisin platform is designed to help customers like you better manage your cash according to your personal circumstances and goals.

How Raisin.com works

The Raisin platform provides US savers with an exclusive selection of competitive products from numerous financial institutions all accessible with one account. We invite you to join the savings revolution!

We bring quality savings products to you. We do the heavy lifting of finding and giving you access to great products from a single online account.

We present a new way to diversify your liquid cash holdings across multiple banks and credit unions because no single instituion has all the best offers. Furthermore, placing deposits across different financial institutions lets you gain insurance on deposits in excess of the $250,000 FDIC or NCUA coverage limit (per bank per depositor).

Get started at Raisin.com by discovering competitive savings products.

After selecting the right product or products for your savings goals, register for a free Raisin account.

Your fast, one-time account registration (subject to successful identity verification), gives you access to a network of FDIC- and NCUA-insured partner banks and credit unions with competitive, high-yield savings products.

You can fund your account immediately. When your funds are received at the bank, Raisin will then deposit your funds in your desired savings products at our partner institutions.

After your cash is deposited, you can track all of your savings and earnings all from one place.

how the Raisin platform works

Although we instruct banks to transfer your savings deposit funds, Raisin.com never holds your money.

In fact, we never touch it. After you direct your funds to a bank via the Raisin platform, a custodian bank transfers your money and holds it on your behalf – until it is returned to you. Your funds are always with a federally insured institution, and you can always see and manage your savings from your Raisin account.

Use Raisin.com for multiple cash benefits

Too much cash not properly invested over the long term can result in “cash drag.”

Instead, get your cash working for you by allocating it into high-yield savings products with competitive rates paying much more than the average interest on a savings deposit.

You can use Raisin.com for the following cash-surplus situations:

  • Preparing for near-term life events such as college tuition, a wedding, growing your family, or buying a new house

  • Planning for federally insured retirement savings

  • Receiving mandatory 401(k) distributions

  • Receiving a cash windfall

In addition, get multiple Raisin platform benefits:

  • Hassle-free access: Your one-time account registration is all it takes to have your savings deposited securely with multiple federally insured bank and credit union partners. There’s no need to open multiple bank accounts with different bank providers.

  • Diversified savings: You can diversify your cash across products from multiple federally insured banks and credit unions. Think of it as a portfolio of cash; the primary difference is that your assets are insured whereas your investments in mutual funds and ETFs are not.

  • Simple management: Stay current on all your cash through a single dashboard.

  • Simplified taxes: Instead of having to log into multiple accounts to access multiple interest income (1099-INT) statements come tax time, you’ll receive all relevant documents in one place.

What are you waiting for? Explore products and never miss out on better savings products again.

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*APY means Annual Percentage Yield. APY is accurate as of {todayDate}. Interest rate and APY may change after initial deposit depending on the terms of the specific product selected. Minimum opening deposit is $1.00.

Raisin is not an FDIC-insured bank or an NCUA-insured credit union, and does not hold any customer funds. Funds deposited through Raisin are exclusively held at federally insured financial institutions. FDIC or NCUA deposit insurance coverage covers the failure of partner banks and credit unions on the Raisin platform.

Customer funds are held in various custodial deposit accounts. Each customer authorizes the Custodial Bank to hold the customer’s funds in such accounts, in a custodial capacity, in order to effectuate the customer’s deposits to and withdrawals from the various bank and credit union products that the customer requests through Raisin.com. The Custodial Bank does not establish the terms of the bank or credit union products and provides no advice to customers about bank or credit union products offered through Raisin.com. Central Bank of Kansas City (CBKC), Member FDIC, d.b.a. Central Payments is the Service Bank. CBKC, Lewis & Clark Bank and Starion Bank, each Member FDIC, are the Custodial Banks.