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The best rates for savings accounts with Raisin

Raisin provides access to the best interest rates for savings accounts across Europe. For a number of reasons, interest rates differ between countries and banks in Europe with your local bank often not offering the best rate in the market. With Raisin you can access an extensive portfolio of fixed term savings accounts from banks across Europe via one single platform offering you the best interest rates.

Easy access savings accounts and term deposits (also known as fixed-rate bonds or time deposits) are two savings products that allow savers to earn interest. These products are also very secure and are protected up to EUR 100,000 per bank and customer across the EU.

With easy access savings accounts the money can be accessed by the account holder at any time. However, rates are often not as high as for term deposits.

Term deposits on the other hand have a fixed term during which the saver cannot access their money. The interest rates are generally proportional to the time the customers are willing to invest their money. The deposit can only be withdrawn once the term has ended. Some term deposits allow for early termination but this often results in the payment of a penalty fee or in the loss of the interest.

Finding the best rates is made easy with Raisin, and term deposits are available with maturities from 6 months to ten years. Customers can start investing from EUR 5,000 and earn a multiple of what other banks offer.

Who is Raisin?

Raisin is Europe’s #1 online deposit marketplace. With over 1,000,000 registered customers and EUR 53.0 billion invested, Raisin provides its customers with access to exclusive product offers from different partner banks across Europe in order to help find the best rates possible. Due to the fact that Raisin is not a bank it works in cooperation with Raisin Bank AG based in Frankfurt.

Raisin was founded in 2012 and originally launched in the German market under the brand WeltSparen. The success of WeltSparen can be reflected with over 96% customer satisfaction and the winning of multiple awards such as “The FinTech50”. The team consists of more than 300 employees from 40 nationalities. Based in Berlin, the team is consistently finding the best rates across Europe as they continue to expand.

Factors to consider when choosing the best rates

Raisin customers are provided with an overview of the best rates when deciding on term deposits. The Raisin interest calculator quickly allows customers to gain insight about the different interest and terms that are available for their desired investment amount. When choosing the best interest rates it is noteworthy for the customers to acknowledge whether or not the deposit has a nominal or effective interest rate. The time horizons that are offered range from 6 months to ten years depending on the partner bank. Investment amounts can vary from EUR 5,000 to a maximum of EUR 100,000 per bank. At maturity partner banks will transfer the funds and all accrued interest (less withholding tax) back to the customers Raisin Account, unless the customer’s chose to prolong the term deposit. Some partner banks allow for early termination so that customers can gain access to their deposit prior to the end of the agreed term.

Accessing the best rates with Raisin

Opening an account with Raisin can be done easily on Signing up for a Raisin Account is hassle free and allows users to access the best rates from the comfort of their own home. Once the customers has completed our videoidentifcation process and provided a copy of a proof of address document, he/she can access their Raisin Account. After the first log-in customers are able to complete as many transactions as they would like without ever having to register again. The platform provides a collection of the best interest rates from Raisins partner banks. Customers can easily deposit their desired investment amount on the platform and start saving. Once the term has come to an end the customers will receive their money and interest transferred back to their Raisin Account.

The benefits of Raisin

Raisin allows its customers to open savings accounts and have access to the best interest rates across Europe. The Raisin platform allows customers to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the available term deposits in order to find the best rates and product for their needs. European online savings accounts have never been as easy to open and as accessible. With Raisin, customers are not required to personally visit any partner bank and can manage all their term deposits online in one place.

All services offered by Raisin are free, which applies to the Raisin Account, all standard services and the carrying out of Euro SEPA transfers. This also includes the Raisin Account at Raisin Bank.

The member states of the European Union have agreed to protect the deposits of individual savers by implementing a national deposit guarantee schemes that are consistent for both foreign and domestic investments. This protection applies to all of Raisins customers and partner banks. Amounts up to EUR 100,000 , or the equivalent amount in another currency, are protected by this directive. More information regarding deposit guarantee schemes can be found here.

As of July 6, 2021