Refer a friend

Recommend Raisin and receive a 50 EUR bonus! Every time you successfully refer a friend, we reward you and the referred person with 50 EUR each.


Here’s how it works:

  • Log in at Raisin and click on “Refer a friend” in the Main Menu. Then fill in the names and email addresses of as many friends, family members, and acquaintances as you like.
  • If one of the people you’ve referred registers and opens a term deposit, you’ll receive a bonus in the amount of 50 EUR.*
  • Each newly registered customer you referred will also be rewarded with a bonus of 50 EUR in their Raisin account.

Who may participate?

  • Only registered Raisin customers may refer new customers.
  • New customers are people who have not yet registered at the time you refer them.
  • New customers must successfully complete registration, go through the identification process, and open a term deposit account.

Who may I refer?

  • The bonus only applies to private clients.
  • Raisin is international: feel free to refer your friends and relatives from abroad.
  • The “Refer a friend” program may not be used for commercial purposes.

*In order to qualify for the referral bonus, the referred person must invest at least EUR 5,000 for a term of at least 6 months. The payment of the bonus shall be made within 14 days of the opening of the fixed-term deposit which meets these conditions.