2gether integrates Raisin, offering European users access to deposits

2gether’s collaborative digital-currency marketplace users will be able to open deposits from more than 90 European banks, with interest rates of up to 1.80% APR

2gether, the collaborative financial platform, announces a new partnership with the cross-border savings marketplace Raisin. 2gether users in every market across Europe will be able to access Raisin’s deposit products – with interest rates of up to 1.80% APR, depending on where they’re located. Additionally, in line with its core mission, 2gether will return to users the value they generate for the platform in 2GT, 2gether’s native token, when they open their first Raisin deposit.

By integrating Raisin deposits on its platform, 2gether is meeting the key consumer need for diversification and taking its collaborative business model to the next level. With hundreds of offers from the fintech company’s 90 partner banks located all over the European Economic Area, Raisin’s platforms connect savers with competitive deposit-guaranteed terms and overnight deposits. At a time in which more financial products are available than ever before, 2gether’s cooperation with Raisin will give its users the chance to diversify, with access not only to cryptocurrencies, but also higher interest rates on their savings.

The cooperation underscores the trend of fintech-to-fintech alliances, especially between companies active in multiple European markets. The Raisin and 2gether partnership also demonstrates that the two ends of the wealth management spectrum – term deposits and cryptocurrency – are closer than they appear. Where 2gether makes investing in crypto simple and accessible, Raisin uses tech to break down barriers to more profitable saving. Both are meeting the market’s demand for access to better financial products – and disrupting established industries to achieve that end.


“We are thrilled to be partnering with Raisin to enable users on our platform to select the most competitive interest rates possible,” says Ramon Ferraz, CEO of 2gether. “In addition to our goal of furthering the mass adoption of cryptocurrency by giving customers a way to spend crypto in their everyday life, 2gether aims to take its collaborative business model to the next level by giving back to users the total value they generate for the platform. By integrating Raisin into our platform, we are taking a major stride toward this goal.”

Ramón Ferraz, CEO of 2gether

“This new partnership with 2gether signals the importance of deposits across all kinds of wealth management platforms,” says Miguel Freire, Country Manager of Raisin. “As the leading pan-European savings platform we understand the value of 2gether’s disruptive and democratizing platform. We’re pleased to enable users across the continent to diversify their investing with competitive savings products.”

Miguel Freire, Country Manager of Raisin Spain


About 2gether

Led by CEO Ramón Ferraz and senior professionals in the field, 2gether’s aim is to build the financial platform that customers would build for themselves. Founded in 2016, the digital platform is successfully bridging the gap between crypto users and the mainstream market to simplify customers’ financial decisions. 2gether is developing the finances of the future, a future in which users move beyond solely interacting with euros and dollars, instead augmenting their financial decisions through the use of exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain.

For more information, please visit: https://www.2gether.global/


About Raisin

A trailblazer for open banking and the leading pan-European one-stop shop for online savings and investments, Berlin-based fintech Raisin was founded in 2012 by Dr. Tamaz Georgadze (CEO), Dr. Frank Freund (CFO), and Michael Stephan (COO). Raisin’s platforms ( under the brand WeltSparen in Germany and Austria) are breaking down barriers to better savings for European consumers and SMEs. Raisin’s marketplace offers simple access to attractive and guaranteed deposit products from all over Europe, as well as globally diversified, cost-effective ETF portfolios and pension products at zero cost. To date, Raisin has launched 8 platforms and brokered over €20 billion for 230,000+ customers in 30+ European countries and 90 partner banks. Raisin was named one of Europe’s top 5 fintechs by FinTech50, and is backed by prestigious European and American investors such as Goldman Sachs, PayPal Ventures, Index Ventures and Thrive Capital.

For more information, please visit: https://www.raisin.com/

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