Refer a friend

Recommend Raisin and receive a 50 EUR bonus! Every time you successfully refer a friend, we reward you and the referred person with 50 EUR each.

Here’s how it works
  1. Log in at Raisin and click on “Refer a friend” in the Main Menu. Then fill in the names and email addresses of as many friends, family members, and acquaintances as you like.
  2. If one of the people you’ve referred registers and opens a term deposit, you’ll receive a bonus in the amount of 50 EUR.*
  3. Each newly registered customer you referred will also be rewarded with a bonus of 50 EUR in their Raisin account.
Log in now to get your bonus
Who may participate?
  • Only registered Raisin customers may refer new customers.
  • New customers are people who have not yet registered at the time you refer them.
  • New customers must successfully complete registration, go through the identification process (via Videoident), and open a term deposit account.
Whom may I refer?
  • The bonus only applies to private clients.
  • Raisin is international: feel free to refer your friends and relatives from abroad.
  • The “Refer a friend” program may not be used for commercial purposes.

* Referred and referring customers will be eligible for payment of the bonus when the new (referred) customer has a minimum investment of 5.000 EUR for a minimum term of 6 months in their first account. If these requirements have been fulfilled, the bonus will be transferred to both referred and referring parties within 14 days of the new account opening.