Secure Your Bonus of up to €275!

Earn a Winter Bonus of up to €200 Plus an Additional Welcome Bonus of up to €75


Christmas came early this year: Savers can receive a winter bonus of up to €200!

Until the end of January, customers can benefit even more from saving with Raisin: In addition to offering the best interest rates on term deposits, Raisin offers a winter bonus of up to €200. Furthermore, new customers can earn a welcome bonus of up to €75. This way, the maximum bonus available to new customers amounts to a total of €275 during the promotion period!

The winter bonus is available to all new and existing customers during the period from 15 December 2017 until 31 January 2018.

The amount of the winter bonus is dependent on the amount invested and/or prolonged:

  • €20,000 – €74,999 → winter bonus of €25
  • €75,000 – €149,999 → winter bonus of €100
  • from €150,000 → winter bonus of €200

Customers receive the winter bonus for one or more successful investments and/or one or more successful prolongations of existing term deposits with any of our partner banks that take place during the promotion period. The following bonus conditions apply:

  • Only term deposits with a minimum maturity of 12 months are eligible.
  • To be eligible, you have to invest in a term deposit or prolong your existing term deposit by 31 January 2018 at the latest. This means that we need to receive the required documents and your Raisin account gets credited with the desired investment amount until 31 January 2018. In case of prolongation, the date of application in online banking is decisive.
  • The amount of the bonus will be calculated based on the total amount you have invested and/or prolonged during the promotion period.
  • The winter bonus can be combined with other bonuses.
  • The winter bonus is available to all new and existing customers.

The winter bonus will be automatically credited to your Raisin account at the latest by the end of February 2018, if the aforementioned conditions are met. We ask for your understanding that investments and/or prolongations of existing deposits before and after the promotion period cannot be taken into account for the calculation of the bonus.