Businesses Now Also Benefit from Raisin’s Term Deposit Offers

Starting today, German businesses can open term deposit accounts with the deposit marketplace Raisin. The opportunity to open and manage term deposits throughout Europe is unique for business customers giving them the chance to gain higher interests. The service starts in Germany, where low interest rates have especially plagued the market: On average, businesses will be offered -0.14 percent when they want to invest in term deposit.

“From now on, they can take advantage of up to 0.7 percent by simply registering on our online market place”, says Raisin’s CEO and co-founder Tamaz Georgadze. Three European banks, Banco BNI Europa from Portugal, Younited Credit from France, and Greensill Bank from Germany are Raisin’s first partner banks to offer interests to business clients. As more banks are expected to join by the end of 2017, companies will have a growing choice to conveniently invest their capital.

„We are very happy to support Raisin in tapping what can be a very interesting segment and provide the German SME’s with this great alternative to manage their liquidity”, says BNI Europa Executive Chairman Pedro Pinto Coelho.

Without the service, willing investors not only have to research the country, the bank and the product by themselves, but also comply with varying account opening procedures in foreign languages.

Drawing on their wealthy experience with retail customers, Raisin’s incursion into corporate deposit investing is well founded: Since its founding in 2013, more than 90,000 customers have invested already over €4 billion ($4.8 MM; £3.6 MM) with the platform. The leading pan-European deposit marketplace gives access to exclusive savings products to customers from all over Europe on their platform and operates country-dedicated platforms in Germany, France, Spain, and Austria.

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