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Raisin Bank Breaks Into the Payments Industry with Acquisition

New possibilities for Raisin. Raisin Bank enters payment industry with acquisition from Bankhaus August Lenz, entering a new field and adding strategic value. September 15, 2022 - View Article

Raisin Bank and B2B payments firm Mondu offer BNPL tool

Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider Raisin Bank and B2B payment specialist Mondu have joined forces to offer a buy now, pay later service to B2B merchants. April 27, 2022 - View Article

Estateguru enters German market through partnership with BaaS provider Raisin Bank

The Estonian property lending platform Estateguru is gearing up to enter the German market, laying the groundwork for this through its partnership with Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider Raisin Bank. March 6, 2022 - View Article

Raisin Bank launches BaaS services on Mambu's cloud banking platform.

Germany-based Raisin Bank, the servicing bank of the fintech Raisin DS, has launched its Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) offering using Mambu’s SaaS cloud banking platform. November 4, 2021 - View Article

Raisin DS signs Germany’s second-largest direct bank, Deutsche Kreditbank

Millions of German retail customers will be introduced to Raisin DS over the coming months after the deposit and investments marketplace signed a partnership with the country’s second-largest direct bank, DKB. October 14, 2021 - View Article

European interest rates show unique spreads: Raisin Analysis

An analysis of European interest rates by Raisin DS shows what you earn depends on where you live. August 22, 2021 - View Article

German fintech rivals merge in bid to create pan-European giant

German fintech Rivals, Raisin and Deposit Solutions, bury old rivalry in effort to corner market linking banks with depositors. June 24, 2021 - View Article

German Fintech Raisin expands in US and partners with MapleMark Bank.

Berlin’s Deposit Marketplace Raisin Is Expanding Business Operations into the US with MapleMark Bank Partnership. June 21, 2021 - View Article

Raisin patents 'savings-as-a-service' technology as it moves on US market

The fintech this month was awarded a patent for technology enabling banks to offer a “liquidity time deposit” CD product that allows the depositor to plan a distribution schedule. January 25, 2021 - View Article

Peac Finance enters German deposit market with Raisin

Fintech Raisin has signed on to support the new PEAC Bank in its entry into the deposit business. The Hamburg-based PEAC (Pan-European Asset Company) Finance Group was granted a banking license by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority in December of 2020. The company now offers deposits for private customers under the PEAC Bank brand, marketing its savings products exclusively via Raisin’s German deposits marketplace WeltSparen. January 13, 2021 - View Article

Raisin's digital retirement platform integrates with Siemens for employee pensions

The German savings and investment marketplace’s “retirement cockpit” has integrated with Siemens Fonds Invest, the company’s asset management branch, per Finextra. July 21, 2020 - View Article

Siemens to co-operate with Raisin on pensions

Siemens is cooperating with German fintech Raisin on employee pensions. There has long been a political desire in Germany to provide German residents with an accurate overview of their retirement financing, in order to identify the deficiency in people’s pension in a timely fashion. July 20, 2020 - View Article

Italian Banca Ifis enters the German market in partnership with Raisin

Banca Ifis is entering the German savings market with the launch of a partnership with the German fintech Raisin. July 16, 2020 - View Article

European Fintech Association Combines Several Entities to Create Single Voice for Fintechs in Europe

The recently launched European Fintech Association (EFA) is seeking to unite disparate voices in the fast-growing Fintech industry. June 25, 2020 - View Article

Raisin “not particularly hit by the pandemic,” says CEO and co-founder Dr Tamaz Georgadze

Georgadze on the impact of coronavirus, US expansion and what the future might hold for fintech. June 22, 2020 - View Article

European FinTechs join forces and launch European FinTech Association (EFA)

Following the European Commission’s ambition for a new digital finance strategy and in light of the extraordinary circumstances consumers and businesses are facing, FinTechs are uniting to launch the European FinTech Association (EFA). June 16, 2020 - View Article

Klarna partners with Raisin to open savings accounts in Germany

In a first for Klarna, and available exclusively to Raisin’s customers in Germany, the new products include an overnight money account with a competitive interest rate of 0.35%. June 11, 2020 - View Article

Raisin moves into US market with Savings-as-a-Service software

Germany-based wealth management fintech Raisin has launched its Savings-as-a-Service software in the US, following its acquisition last January of software company Choice FS. May 19, 2020 - View Article

Raisin launches first US product following strategic acquisitions

German fintech Raisin has launched its first product in the US, a ‘savings as a software service’ for American banks and credit unions. Recently, Raisin has placed a high emphasis on targeting international markets, such as the North American market, through strategic acquisitions and banking partnerships. May 19, 2020 - View Article

Popular Euro Fintech Raisin Launches First Foray Into U.S.

European wealth management fintech Raisin has launched its first product in the United States. While initially targeted at credit unions and small to midsize banks, its new Raisin Savings as a Service software could soon power similar offerings for advisors and other intermediaries. May 19, 2020 - View Article

Raisin Launches Savings-as-a-Service Solution in the U.S.

European wealth management firm Raisin is bringing its Savings-as-a-Service solution to the U.S. The new offering, the first U.S.-based product from the Berlin-based fintech, will enable banks and credit unions to provide private-banking services typically not available to the average banking customer. May 19, 2020 - View Article

Fintech Raisin Launches its First Cooperation in the Private Banking Sector, with German Financial Service Provider, Hauck & Aufhäuser

Germany’s private banking customers who have an account with Bankhaus Hauck & Aufhäuser will now be able to access various third-party deposit products that are being offered through a partnership with Fintech firm Raisin’s German deposits platform ( March 27, 2020 - View Article

Raisin Brings Online Deposit Taking To Next Level, €20 Billion And Counting

Berlin-based FinTech Raisin has revealed the strategic placement of more than €20 billion with banks in 25 countries, and that it is also managing an investment volume of more than €500 million. Launched in 2013, Raisin is a cross-border savings and investment marketplace with more than 230,000 customers in various European markets. March 12, 2020 - View Article

Cross-Border Savings and Investment Marketplace Raisin Surpasses €20 Billion in Deposits

“Berlin-headquartered Raisin, a cross-border savings and investment marketplace, has confirmed the strategic placement of more than €20 billion with banks based in 25 different countries. Raisin’s management noted that it’s currently managing an investment volume of more than €500 million.” | February 25, 2020 - View Article

20 European start-ups changing how we spend and manage money

“In 2019, Raisin raised $114m in its Series B, before receiving investment of $25m from Goldman Sachs. The company also entered the Irish market last year, launching a savings product, and it is now eyeing up the US market.” | January 30, 2020 - View Article

German fintech Raisin is buying Choice Financial Solutions ahead of its US launch

The Germany-based savings marketplace is in the process of acquiring fintech Choice Financial Solutions (Choice FS) as it prepares to expand to the US | January 17, 2020 - View Article

German fintech Raisin acquires Choice Financial as it prepares for US launch

German savings and investment platform Raisin has acquired Madrid-based Choice Financial Solutions in an effort to integrate with U.S.-based financial providers. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. | January 15, 2020 - View Article

German FinTech Raisin Eyes US Launch Following Latest Acquisition

European wealth management FinTech Raisin is planning to roll out in the U.S. following the acquisition of software company Choice Financial Solutions (Choice FS) | January 15, 2020 - View Article

Credorax Partners with Raisin to Offer Exclusive Banking Products to German Market

Today, fintech bank and smart payments provider, Credorax, and savings marketplace, Raisin are announcing a new partnership which will offer retail deposits to Raisin customers in Germany. | December 3, 2019 - View Article

Berlin’s Raisin partners with Credorax to offer its German users retail deposits

Pan-European savings marketplace Raisin has partnered with merchant acquiring bank Credorax to offer its German customers retail deposits. Raisin’s deal with Credorax also marks the fully-licensed bank and smart payments provider’s first banking products to be rolled out in the region. | December 3, 2019 - View Article

Raisin and justETF partner to launch ETF portfolios

Raisin has assisted justETF to design and launch 10 select ETF portfolios via its German platform WeltSparen which will manage the transactions and rebalancing of the models. | November 19, 2019 - View Article

Revolut and N26 rocked Irish banking. Now their competition is coming to town

Bunq and Raisin recently entered the market, which already has some big players. FINTECH, ‘NEOBANKS’, CHALLENGER banks. Whatever term you use, the sector is abuzz around Europe and the Irish market is becoming increasingly fertile ground | October 12, 2019 - View Article

Yolt Now Provides Access to Raisin with Integration of Savings Accounts

In partnership with Raisin, Yolt has launched access to competitive savings accounts in the UK, Italy and France. Raisin announced a new relationship with Yolt this past summer. | October 8, 2019 - View Article

Yolt to offer deposit products with Raisin

Yolt users in the UK, France and Italy can apply for a Raisin account accessing a wide range of deposit products, select from competitive Raisin offers and see their deposits, directly within the app. | October 8, 2019 - View Article

Raisin Bank to offer Irish customers with deposits options to put money in accounts across Eurozone

A German bank is expected to shake up the savings market here by offering people with deposits options to put their money in bank accounts across Europe. | October 1, 2019 - View Article

Savings Marketplace Launches in Ireland

Cross-border savings and investments marketplace Raisin is live in Ireland, as of today. launches with best-in-market interest rates on most term deposits | October 1, 2019 - View Article

Berlin fintech Raisin launches its savings platform in Ireland

The German fintech company targeted Ireland as it has ‘the lowest retail interest rates in Europe’. | October 1, 2019 - View Article

Raisin Bank looks to bring market-beating deposit rates

Raisin Bank is eyeing up a launch in Ireland at the end of this month, looking to capture a slice of the €100 billion Irish deposits market by offering market-beating rates to weary Irish savers. | September 30, 2019 - View Article

Raisin acquires retirement savings fintech fairr

Raisin, a fintech that provides an online marketplace for savers seeking better returns, has acquired fairr, a retirement savings fintech. | September 28, 2019 - View Article

Scalable Capital and Raisin have forged a partnership

Digital wealth manager Scalable Capital has teamed up with savings marketplace Raisin, according to Finextra. | September 23, 2019 - View Article

Scalable Capital Announces New Partnership With Raisin

Digital asset manager Scalable Capital announced on Friday it has formed a new partnership with European cross-border savings platform Raisin. | September 20, 2019 - View Article

Financial Times covers Joonko investment

Ping An, one of the world’s biggest insurance companies, and savings and investment marketplace Raisin, have invested in Joonko | September 18, 2019 - View Article

Ping An and Raisin invest in finleap startup Joonko

Ping An and Raisin have invested in financial portal Joonko, the latest startup to emerge from the finleap fintech factory in Germany. Joonko has been launched to help German consumers choose the right financial products for their personal saving and protection needs. | September 16, 2019 - View Article

European banking app Monese partners with deposits marketplace Raisin

Monese, the European banking app aimed at customers with a “thin” credit file or those who have moved country, is launching “Monese Savings” in partnership with fintech Raisin. | September 3, 2019 - View Article

Monese offers Savings across six European countries in partnership with Raisin

Savings products are coming to Monese, powered by Raisin, the European savings and deposits marketplace thought to have achieved a $1bn valuation earlier this year. The digital banking app announced today that Raisin, with its 500 savings products and connections with over 80 partner banks, will be added shortly to Monese’s Hub of third-party providers. | September 3, 2019 - View Article

Monese launches new savings partnership with Raisin

Monese, which was founded in 2013 by Norris Koppel, is a mobile-only multi-currency banking platform with more than 300 employees in London, Tallinn, Lisbon and Berlin. Koppel launched the service after he realised how difficult it can be to set up a bank account in a new country. | September 3, 2019 - View Article

German fintech Raisin completes MHB-Bank acquisition

German fintech Raisin has completed its previously announced acquisition of MHB-Bank for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition was closed after the completion of ownership control procedures by the local financial regulatory authority BaFin. | August 29, 2019 - View Article

Raisin acquires German pension specialist fairr

Berlin-based deposit and investment marketplace Raisin has acquired another company, this time German startup fairr which focuses on retirement savings. The move comes five months after Raisin acquired Germany’s MHB Bank and one month after Raisin netted a $28m follow-on round from Goldman Sachs. | August 28, 2019 - View Article

Raisin has acquired specialist startup Fairr as it eyes the European pensions market

German savings marketplace Raisin acquires specialist startup Fairr as it eyes the mammoth European pensions market. The terms of Raisin’s acquisition have not been disclosed, reports Techcrunch. | August 28, 2019 - View Article

Raisin Bank: Fintech Raisin Rebrands Acquired Bank to “Sharpen Focus” on Offering Banking as a Service

Within the Fintech industry, there is a lot of movement in the banking sector. The conventional wisdom is that old banks are over-burdened with far too many branches that consumers want to avoid and challenged with green screen technology that IT Directors live in fear of changing. | August 28, 2019 - View Article

Raisin completes takeover of MHB-Bank

The Berlin-based fintech Raisin continues to expand. Following the successful conclusion of ownership control procedures by Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (known as BaFin), Raisin has taken over MHB-Bank as sole owner, thus becoming the first fintech in Germany to buy a bank. | August 28, 2019 - View Article

Raisin expands financial ‘cockpit’ through fairr acquisition

With the acquisition of fairr on Tuesday, German savings and investment startup Raisin is adding pensions to its financial product toolkit. Fairr adds a new component to the company’s financial “cockpit” approach to money management, as well as a technology and team boost for Raisin as it moves into new product areas. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. | August 27, 2019 - View Article

Germany sees fintech merger as Raisin acquires Fairr

Two German fintech companies have merged as its announced that Raisin has acquired Fairr, a fintech company specialising in retirement savings. | August 27, 2019 - View Article

Raisin buys pension specialist Fairr

Raisin, the pan-European marketplace for savings and investment products, is moving into pensions with the acquisition of German startup Raisin says the cash and shares acquisition will give it access to the €12tn European pension and retirement market and complete the trio of savings products it wants to offer. | August 27, 2019 - View Article

Raisin, the platform for savings and investments, acquires pension startup Fairr

Raisin, the well-capitalised fintech startup that offers a pan-European marketplace for savings and investment products, has acquired Fairr, a German startup disrupting the pensions industry. | August 27, 2019 - View Article

Raisin eyes acquisitions after raising €25m from Goldman Sachs

Sifted July 16, 2019 - View Article

Savings platform Raisin taps Goldman for top-up investment

July 16, 2019 - View Article

Raisin picks up $28M backing from Goldman Sachs for its savings and investment marketplace

TechCrunch July 16, 2019 - View Article

Goldman Sachs is betting on a startup that battles low interest rates for savers

Quartz July 16, 2019 - View Article

Goldman Sachs invests €25m into Berlin savings startup Raisin

Yahoo Finance July 16, 2019 - View Article

Is it time for the Government to help out savers?

Irish Times July 3, 2019 - View Article

Yolt strikes deal with Raisin, notches up 900,000 customers

altfi June 6, 2019 - View Article

Here come the Germans. On May 21st Raisin, a “deposit marketplace” from Berlin, declared its intention to set up shop in America. Within a year Raisin hopes to follow its compatriot, n26, a mobile bank that is due to open there soon.

Bank supervision in America is unfit for the digital age May 30, 2019 - View Article

Raisin, a fintech based in Germany, is on the verge of introducing a new type of financial subscription model in the U.S.: deposits-as-a-service. That’s how Raisin Chief Operating Officer Michael Stephan described the company’s...

This fintech drove billions in deposits to EU banks. Can it work here? May 28, 2019 - View Article

A savings and investment platform based in Germany is opening up a new front in the war for U.S. customers' deposit dollars. Raisin, which bills itself as a one-stop shop for online savings and investments, is planning to launch in the U.S....

German fintech Raisin to enter U.S. market next year May 22, 2019 - View Article

A German fintech firm that counts PayPal Holdings Inc. among its investors wants to expand its internet platform for bank-savings products to the U.S.

PayPal-Backed German Fintech Brings Its Savings Platform to U.S. May 21, 2019 - View Article

German FinTech company Raisin, an investment and savings marketplace, is looking to expand its business into the U.S., according to a report by Reuters. The company, which is backed by PayPal, wants to attract customers with higher-yielding deposits

German FinTech Raisin Eyes US Expansion May 21, 2019 - View Article

Raisin, the pan-European fintech marketplace for savings and investment products, is headed to the U.S., announcing plans to roll out a similar offering across the pond.

Raisin rides into the US with its savings and investment marketplace May 21, 2019 - View Article

Raisin GmbH, which claims to be “first and only pan-European deposit marketplace,” has hired Wealthfront’s Paul Knodel to create its U.S. business. If all goes to plan, the operation will go live within 12 months.

PayPal-backed German fintech wants to improve Americans’ returns May 21, 2019 - View Article

A German fintech started a service in 2013 that helps Europeans shuffle their money around the continent to the highest-yielding savings account. Now, the company plans to bring its technology to the US within the next six to 12 months...

Community banks in the US could get a technology boost from German fintech Raisin May 21, 2019 - View Article

German fintech Raisin, a savings and investment marketplace backed by Paypal, said on Tuesday it plans to launch in the U.S. market as it seeks to attract savers to higher-yielding deposits offered by its banking partners.

German savings marketplace Raisin eyes U.S. launch May 21, 2019 - View Article

For five years, European nations have been trying to jump-start their ailing economies with what was supposed to be a radical, short-term remedy—negative interest rates. Instead, central banks haven’t been able to wean their economies off them.

Negative Rates, Designed as a Short-Term Jolt, Have Become an Addiction May 20, 2019 - View Article

Raisin, a Fintech that provides better access to higher interest rates for savers, is expanding the line of its services with a new product that will make investing easier for everyone.

WeltInvest: Fintech Raisin Offers Savings Plan for German ETF Platform with Assistance from Vanguard May 17, 2019 - View Article

German savings marketplace Raisin has added Italian challenger bank illimity to its roster of more than 70 financial services firms across Europe. The Italian retail and business bank now offers deposit accounts on Raisin’s German site, but plans t

Raisin adds Italian challenger bank illimity to roster May 15, 2019 - View Article

Raisin will use the cash to expand its core service in at least two additional European markets this year and extend its line of investment products. It offers a 'deposit-as-a-service' platform to partner banks, providing them with access to markets

Orange Digital Ventures invests in Berlin-based fintech Raisin May 10, 2019 - View Article

Orange Digital Ventures is the VC branch of Orange, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. Orange had sales of €41 billion in 2018 and 149,000 employees worldwide.

Fintech Raisin Receives Backing of Orange Digital Ventures in €100m Series D May 9, 2019 - View Article

Orange Digital Ventures announces its latest investment with Raisin, an innovative Berlin-based fintech making strides in the European savings marketplace. Orange has joined the €100m Series D fundraising round of Raisin alongside existing investor

Orange Digital Ventures joins Raisin Series D May 9, 2019 - View Article

Business Insider spoke with some of the most prominent voices in venture capital to pick out the most exciting companies in European financial technology industry this year.

These Are the 15 European Fintechs VCs Think Will Blow Up in 2019 March 20, 2019 - View Article

Raisin, the German group that raised $114m in funding from PayPal last month to become one of the best-financed fintechs in Europe, announced on Thursday its purchase of its longtime German service bank, MHB.

One to watch: Raisin March 11, 2019 - View Article

Hot on the heels of raising $114 million in Series D funding, Raisin, the pan-European fintech marketplace for savings and investment products, has acquired MHB Bank of Frankfurt, its main provider of banking services in Germany. Terms of the acquisi

Raisin, the marketplace for savings and investment products, acquires German banking provider MHB Bank March 7, 2019 - View Article

German fintech Raisin, which is backed by Paypal, is buying Frankfurt-based MHB Bank as it seeks to expand business of offering deposit services to retail customers, Raisin’s chief executive told Reuters.

German fintech Raisin to buy MHB Bank March 7, 2019 - View Article

German fintech Raisin, which is backed by Paypal, is buying Frankfurt-based MHB Bank as it seeks to expand business of offering deposit services to retail customers, Raisin's chief executive told Reuters.

German fintech Raisin to buy MHB Bank March 7, 2019 - View Article

Hamburg in Germany has had close business links with Great Britain for centuries. So how are companies in the port city preparing for the UK's departure from the EU?

Brexit: Germany Gets Ready February 16, 2019 - View Article

German financial technology group Raisin has raised $114m in new funding from high-profile backers including Index Ventures and PayPal

PayPal backed fintech Raisin raises $114m February 8, 2019 - View Article

Germany-based savings and investment marketplace provider Raisin announced that it raised $114 million in a Series D funding round

Raisin secures $114 million for its European marketplace February 8, 2019 - View Article

Raisin, the pan-European fintech marketplace for savings and investment products, is disclosing that it has raised $114 million in Series D funding.

Raisin raises $114M for its pan-European marketplace for savings and investment products February 6, 2019 - View Article

The Berlin-based start up has struck an agreement giving it access to the Spanish bank’s 14 million customers.

Raisin signs Open Banking deal with Santander January 30, 2019 - View Article

The financial sector is preparing for Brexit. Large banks are leaving the City of London completely or partially and going to Dublin, Frankfurt or Paris. But one small Berlin-based Fintech startup went the other direction – it expanded in Britain.

Berlin fintech doesn’t regret UK expansion amid Brexit January 17, 2019 - View Article

Fintech Raisin has distributed an update on platform progress since the company launched five years ago. The creation of CEO Dr. Tamaz Georgadze, the Berlin-based firm has now helped their customers earn over €80 million in interest during a histor

Five Year Report: Fintech Raisin Has Delivered €80 million in Interest for Users December 14, 2018 - View Article

In enabling access to continent-wide investment products for savers across Europe, Raisin has demonstrated a model for successful partnership between startups and the banking sector. In enabling access to continent-wide investment products for savers

Raisin talks talent recruitment and the secret to bank relationships December 1, 2018 - View Article

Explore the people and companies leading Europe’s growth in five categories: Leading individuals, Corporate digital transformations, New technologies and business models, Technology training, & Using technology for social challenges

Europe’s 100 digital champions November 21, 2018 - View Article

Vanguard, the world’s second-largest asset manager, has teamed up with German fintech company Raisin.

Vanguard joins fintech company for German market push March 28, 2018 - View Article

With a Raisin account, users can shift their money to banks in different European countries to get the best interest rate.

Choosing a bank is about to become as ruthless as shopping for flights, taxis, and hotels February 6, 2018 - View Article

Raisin has picked up backing from PayPal. Described as a “strategic investment,” the new funding round remains undisclosed.

Paypal Backs Pan-European Savings Deposit Marketplace Raisin December 22, 2017 - View Article

Raisin GmbH is growing rapidly and today the “European Deposit Marketplace” is moving into the UK with the acquisition of PBF Solutions.

European Deposit Marketplace Raisin Acquires PBF Solution in UK Expansion September 20, 2017 - View Article

European financial deposit marketplace Raisin has made its first acquisition, Manchester-based PBF Solutions, as it prepares to enter the UK savings market.

Raisin acquires PBF Solutions to enter UK market September 20, 2017 - View Article

German startup Raisin (aka WeltSparen) recently announced its cooperation with N26. Startus Magazine spoke to CEO Tamaz Georgadze to find out about the details of the partnership and the future of financial services.

German Startup Raisin Cooperates With N26, “Empowering” Clients August 25, 2017 - View Article

Raisin reports that in less than 4 years its customers have invested more than €4 billion in the platform’s savings products. As a result, Raisin is the leading marketplace for investments in Europe and one of the fastest growing Fintechs in the

Savings Marketplace Raisin Passes the €4 Billion Mark Faster than Any Wealth Management Fintech August 17, 2017 - View Article

Berlin-based Raisin lets customers across Europe invest in savings accounts around the EU. The company is one of the biggest investment marketplaces in Europe, with over 90,000 customers.

€4 billion has now been invested using German savings startup Raisin August 17, 2017 - View Article

Not long ago, the accepted wisdom was that banking was as local a trade as perishable food distribution. Our CEO Tamaz Georgadze explains why consumers like Raisin and how the company will continue to thrive as an independent marketplace.

Raisin, A Global Open Banking Forerunner July 24, 2017 - View Article

Why Raisin is a good choice for distribution partners, partner banks and customers: The Global Finance Magazine about Raisin's collaboration with N26.

Reaping Interest Rewards With Raisin June 16, 2017 - View Article

British FinTech firms have dominated this year’s FinTech50, a list of Europe’s most innovative financial technology companies - but Germany (with Raisin) and Switzerland are following.

UK dominates FinTech50 list of innovative financial technology firms June 7, 2017 - View Article

German N26 customers can now open savings accounts through Raisin. The feature will be launched in other European countries and with more providers later this year.

N26 launches savings accounts with Raisin May 10, 2017 - View Article

Only three and a half years after its launch as WeltSparen in Germany, Raisin, the online marketplace for savings products, counts more than €3 billion in investments done on the platform.

No Sour Grapes: Online Marketplace Raisin’s €3 Billion+ in Investments April 20, 2017 - View Article

With the help of Raisin, customers can open deposits across Europe at attractive interest rates. The online marketplace provides these services free of cost.

Raisin Fintech Startup raises $3.2 billion, one-third of which raised in the last four months April 19, 2017 - View Article

Raisin, fintech which has placed 2 billion euros, raises 30 million (article is in French)

Les Echos January 27, 2017 - View Article

German savings startup Raisin raises €30 million

Business Insider January 26, 2017 - View Article

Sun shines on fundraising for German fintech Raisin

Financial Times January 26, 2017 - View Article

Financial services startup "Raisin" offers EU citizens platform to invest deposits.

Verslo žinios December 21, 2016 - View Article

Financial Institution Raisin built a platform through which Europeans can easily open a bank account in any EU country.

Helsingin Sanomat December 16, 2016 - View Article

German savings platform Raisin just hit a €1.7 billion investment milestone

Business Insider Sep 2016 September 27, 2016 - View Article

Raisin (RAIS + INterest) is the first pan-European marketplace for savings, making the best interest rates across Europe accessible to over 500 million savers. Customers use a fully online process ...

The New Statesman July 22, 2016 - View Article

CEO Tamaz Georgadze about the Post-Brexit-Situation in WSJ: "Some London-based startups are already forging relationships with a bank on the continent as a “Plan B,” said Tamaz Georgadze, the founder and chief executive of Raisin

Wall Street Journal July 11, 2016 - View Article

Another option is to seek out higher deposit rates through a pan-European vehicle, such as, which currently offers a rate of 1.4 per cent on a one-year fixed rate deposit from Polish bank Alior.

The Irish Times June 28, 2016 - View Article

Raisin, previously known as SavingGlobal, has launched its pan-European savings marketplace, expanding for the first time beyond its home country of Germany and neighboring Austria.

TechCrunch April 6, 2016 - View Article

Raisin aims to take advantage of the differing interest rates paid by banks across Europe. The company had until now only offered German and Austrian citizens the chance to open higher-yielding accounts.

Wall Street Journal April 6, 2016 - View Article

Raisin, until last year known as SavingGlobal, has offered its products in Germany since 2013 and says that more than 40,000 customers have signed up since then, depositing almost €1 billion at 13 banks in Sweden, Croatia, Poland, Portugal, Ireland

Handelsblatt Global Edition April 6, 2016 - View Article

A Berlin fintech startup that's already brokered €1 billion has created the first pan-European savings platform

Business Insider April 6, 2016 - View Article

If you are disappointed at the low rates being offered on savings accounts listen up, help may be at hand.

Today FM August 23, 2015 - View Article

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Raisin's business model, and attraction for venture capitalists, takes advantage of the European Union’s lack of an integrated capital market.

Wall Street Journal August 6, 2015 - View Article

Raisin's marketplace lets you shop around and compare different rates European-wide.

TechCrunch August 6, 2015 - View Article

Raisin has the most simple-but-brilliant way of boosting your cash savings we've ever heard.

Business Insider March 23, 2015 - View Article

Investing across borders is easy. Raisin based in Berlin, allows Germans to open as many accounts elsewhere in Europe as they like without ever visiting a branch.

The Economist March 13, 2015 - View Article

Raisin, set up a year ago, allows its customers to take advantage of higher rates in other countries.

Financial Times November 30, 2014 - View Article

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Even banks that don't have branches or online operations in Germany can now reach German savers through Raisin.

Wall Street Journal September 16, 2014 - View Article

Raisin raises €7.5m to spark “saving without borders” revolution.

Index Ventures August 23, 2014 - View Article

How to put your savings in another country and earn more interest.

Quartz June 23, 2014 - View Article