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15 Fintech Blogs and Sources for Tech News You Should Know

There is a lot happening in the world of tech around the globe and it is not easy to keep track of the overwhelming number of news. Below you will find a selection of English- and German-speaking news sources that help us keep up to date in an ever-changing fintech world.
The sources are arranged in alphabetical order.

International news sources:

    • Bank Innovation – www.bankinnovation.net
      Launched in 2009, the website tracks the latest news in banking and fintech and offers insights of industry professionals on innovation in financial services.


    • Crowdfundinsider – www.crowdfundinsider.com
      The news website covers the emerging global industry of disruptive finance including crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, and other forms of fintech.


    • EU-Startups – www.eu-startups.com
      The team of EU-Startups writes about tech- and startup-related news with a focus on Europe. Their vision is to connect the European startup scene and to encourage entrepreneurship within Europe.


    • Finextra – www.finextra.com
      Finextra covers significant technology news in retail banking, capital markets and insurance and describes itself as independent newswire and information source for the worldwide financial technology community.


    • FinTech Futures – www.bankingtech.com
      The platform provides daily news, analysis, and commentary across a range of areas, including fintech, bankingtech, paytech, regtech, wealthtech, and others.


    • Quartz – www.qz.com
      Launched in 2012, the news website describes itself as digitally native news outlet for business people in the new global economy. The news outlet covers broad topics like business, finance, politics, and world economy.


    • tech.eu – www.tech.eu
      The website covers the European tech industry and topics like fintech, e-commerce and IoT. Next to the tech-hotspots of Europe, the team also writes about emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe.


    • TechCrunch – www.techcrunch.com
      The company runs a network of websites that cover the latest technology industry news from all over the globe. The news website covers a wide variety of topics like tech startups, emerging tech trends as well as the newest gadgets.


    • The Finanser by Chris Skinner – www.thefinanser.com
      Chris Skinner, a well know author, provides his readers with columns on a variety of topics covering fintech and financial markets.


German news sources:

    • about#Fintech – www.aboutfintech.de
      The blog gives an overview of the most important fintech news of the week. In addition, Tobias Baumgarten covers various fintech related topics with a focus on incumbent banks.


    • Der Bank Blog – www.der-bank-blog.de
      „The Bank Blog“ takes a more general approach and discusses all kinds of topics, from digital banking and innovation in the financial industry, to fintech, and blockchain.


    • Finanz-Szene.de – www.finanz-szene.de
      The core of the news portal is the content of its newsletter that gets sent four times a week to interested readers. Main topics are the German banking and fintech industry.


    • finletter – www.finletter.de
      Similar to Finanz-Szene.de, the team of finletter publishes the content of their weekly newsletter on their news portal. Their main focus is fintech and the digitalisation in the German financial industry.


    • Paymentandbanking – www.paymentandbanking.com
      The news portal covers the German fintech-landscape and offers one of the most successful German-speaking fintech-podcasts. The team also creates infographics that give an overview on various fintech topics.


    • t3n – www.t3n.de
      The online magazine describes itself as source for news in the fields of digital business and future technologies. t3n mainly covers topics like startups, digitalisation, e-commerce, as well as gadgets and lifestyle.