About Raisin.

Raisin continues to grow and so does the digital banking revolution! The banking sector as we know it will changing rapidly due to digitalisation. Learn more about our products and exciting technological developments in the world of banking and fintech.

About Raisin 05.05.2021 | Estimated 4 minutes reading time

Well-being at Raisin – Stories from Learning & Development

SAWABONA – I see you! Stories from our Learning & Development team by Maja Bazan, Head of Learn…

About Raisin, Financial planning, Saving 02.12.2019 | Estimated 2 minutes reading time

Raisin – Get maximum interest rates for your savings

When looking for ways to invest your hard-earned money, safety and a good return on investment are prime…

About Raisin, Articles 23.10.2019 | Estimated 8 minutes reading time

Company Growth <-> Employee Growth: A Startup Story

Saving and investing well means stability, responsibility, security. Saving enables people to pursue thei…

About Raisin, Economy & markets 01.06.2019 | Estimated 5 minutes reading time

Raisin’s Interest Rate Radar: May-June 2019

ECB weighs low inflation, looks toward future without Draghi In a speech back on May 17, European Central…

About Raisin, Saving 16.05.2019 | Estimated 4 minutes reading time

Young People Struggle to Save as Financial Education Reveals Generational Gap

Raisin UK completes study of saving habits and “money tribes” across Great Britain Young peop…

About Raisin, Economy & markets 02.05.2019 | Estimated 8 minutes reading time

Raisin’s Interest Rate Radar: May 2019

European Savers and Corporates Remain Parched  Rates Shift in Europe’s Many Markets — But Not Toget…

About Raisin 21.01.2019 | Estimated 3 minutes reading time

Our 5th anniversary — from an employee’s perspective

“Raisin has grown up” Read how the team behind our award-winning savings marketplace has grow…

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