About Raisin.

Raisin continues to grow and so does the digital banking revolution! The banking sector as we know it will changing rapidly due to digitalisation. Learn more about our products and exciting technological developments in the world of banking and fintech.

About Raisin, Saving 14.12.2018 | Estimated 7 minutes reading time

Meet Raisin’s very first partner: FiBank of Bulgaria

How it all began… 5 years ago An Interview with Fibank‘s Minka Mihaylova   Five years ago, First Investm…

About Raisin 09.11.2018 | Estimated 4 minutes reading time

Balancing work and life at Raisin: meet our Head of Business Clients

Lisa Schmid travels regularly to meet clients and represent Raisin at conferences, but that’s not the rea…

About Raisin 31.10.2018 | Estimated 5 minutes reading time

Meet our partner: CiviBank

At our recent Raisin Banking Conference in Berlin, we had a chance to chat with our partners at CiviBank…

About Raisin 26.10.2018 | Estimated 4 minutes reading time

Meet our partner: Banco BNI Europa

We caught up with Pedro Pinto Coelho, Chairman and Chief Executive of BNI Europa, at our recent Banking C…

About Raisin 24.10.2018 | Estimated 2 minutes reading time

Raisin named one of 2018’s global Fintech 250

Raisin has been named to the 2018 CB Insights Fintech 250 list of most promising fintech startups in the…

About Raisin 12.10.2018 | Estimated 6 minutes reading time

Meet our partner: Younited Credit

We had an opportunity to talk with Younited Credit’s Head of Capital Markets Frédéric Chaignon and…

About Raisin 05.10.2018 | Estimated 8 minutes reading time

Meet our partner: LHV Bank of Estonia

We had a chance to catch up with Juhan Peet, Head of Treasury for one of our newest partners, EstoniaR…

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