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Economy & markets, Saving 28.11.2018 | Estimated 4 minutes reading time

Interest Rate Radar: Nov 2018

Raisin’s latest news on rates Italy and the ECB interest rate policy are the two topics dominating…

Economy & markets 01.03.2018 | Estimated 3 minutes reading time

15 Fintech Blogs and Sources for Tech News You Should Know

There is a lot happening in the world of tech around the globe and it is not easy to keep track of the ov…

Economy & markets 25.10.2017 | Estimated 2 minutes reading time

Poland – Secret Economic Wonderland in the EU?

Experts agree: Poland will be once again one of the most dynamic economies in Europe. The National Bank o…

Economy & markets 24.08.2017 | Estimated 3 minutes reading time

This Is How European Savings Are Protected

If you are a customer of a European bank your savings are protected up to an equivalent of €100,000 per b…

Economy & markets 23.08.2017 | Estimated 3 minutes reading time

Explaining the Uneven Distribution of Liquidity in the Eurozone

Many European banks are lacking liquidity, despite the fact that the ECB has already pumped more than €1.

Economy & markets 31.10.2016 | Estimated 2 minutes reading time

World Savings Day Novel Research

Beer and Wine: Do they mirror saving habits? We may assume that because wine is more expensive than beer,…

Economy & markets 10.10.2016 | Estimated 2 minutes reading time

Fintechs4Europe: European association of FinTechs is born

A number of Europe’s leading financial technology companies met the 27th of September on the premises of…

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