26.06.2018 | Estimated 2 minutes reading time | Print this article

Banco BNI Europa Starts Offering Savings Products of Raisin’s Partner Banks

After having become a partner bank of Raisin back in 2016 and offering savings products to our German and Austrian customers for over two years, Banco BNI Europa now entered into a further partnership to enable its own customers to access European savings products. Portuguese savers will be able to access third-party savings products through Banco BNI Europa´s website – this partnership is the first of its kind in the Portuguese market.

“Starting today, Portuguese savers can diversify their savings by opening and managing term deposits throughout Europe with a chance to gain higher interest; a great alternative to manage their liquidity”, says BNI Europa Executive Chairman Pedro Pinto Coelho, “Without the Raisin platform, willing savers not only have to research the country, the bank and the product by themselves, but also comply with varying account opening procedures in foreign countries. This cooperation is a step further on our Challenger Bank strategy of delivering innovative, quick and easy-to-use products to our clients.”

Banco BNI Europa is a Portuguese bank whose mission is to offer its customers a modern, low-cost digital platform with innovative products tailored to their needs. The digital bank aims to challenge the traditional banking ecosystem by collaborating with fintechs. This way, Banco BNI Europa has been specializing in the management of alternative solutions for raising funds and credit, having already established partnerships with 18 European Fintechs providing term deposits and credit products in several European jurisdictions, namely Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Austria, France and Belgium.

You can find out more about the partnership at www.bnieuropa.pt.