15.06.2018 | Estimated 1 minutes reading time | Print this article

Alior Bank to Launch Mobile Bank in Cooperation with solarisBank, Raisin and Mastercard

Alior Bank has just announced its upcoming cooperation with solarisBank, Raisin and Mastercard: In the fourth quarter of 2018, Alior Bank will launch a pan-European mobile bank that will be available to all EU residents with a focus on retail clients and freelancers. The new mobile bank will be available for iOS and Android devices – additionally there will be a desktop version.

The mobile bank will be built on the strengths of all partners: Alior Bank will deliver multicurrency accounts with international transfers and deposits. solarisBank will add the banking infrastructure with its technological, compliance and regulatory framework, whereas Raisin will provide various savings and investment possibilities through its network of partner banks. Mastercard’s Benefit Optimization programme will be used to offer additional value-added services for the customers.

You can find out more about the open-banking-partnership at www.wechallenge-banking.com.