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Our 5th anniversary — from an employee’s perspective

“Raisin has grown up”

Read how the team behind our award-winning savings marketplace has grown, and grown together, in our interview with Josephine Anderssohn. With us for four years as a Senior Affiliate Manager, she has been part of all of Raisin’s important developments.

Josephine, you’ve been here almost since the beginning. What moved you to start working at a fintech? Did you have a sense of what you were getting into?

To be honest, my first question at my job interview was, what exactly does this company do? I didn’t know the first thing about “fintech” but I was really carried away by their enthusiasm. The founders and the team knew exactly what they were doing. They were (and still are) highly motivated, uncomplicated, full of energy. It was clear to me that I wanted to contribute to this company.

What do you do at Raisin exactly?

I established and developed our Affiliate Marketing. That means I’m responsible for our online cooperations with, for instance, the big comparison, financial and voucher websites, networks and newsletter providers etc. I also have one foot on the classic offline marketing side, so I’m responsible for implementing our big OOH (Out of Home) campaigns too. It’s great because online and offline marketing are really two separate worlds.

From your perspective how has the company changed over the years?

It was such a young business when I arrived, you could literally watch it growing, as the transformation has been non-stop. The company has long since grown up and now feels like a young adult with clear values and a vision, who’s already reached some milestones but has so much ahead.

When I started at Raisin I was the 32nd employee. There was a very familial atmosphere: we had three partner banks on our (one and only) platform and only brokered fixed-term savings accounts. Over the years we’ve grown enormously, now with seven marketplaces, 250 employees, 62 partner banks, five product groups and even our German investment line WeltInvest with its ETF portfolios. That’s all been genuinely fascinating and exciting. And naturally you ask yourself where the path will lead us next!

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What would you say constitutes Raisin’s identity?

We’re a pretty colorful group with 34 nationalities on the team. Our identity shapes not just the Raisin brand outwardly but also, looking inward, our cultural diversity and a harmonious, efficient working environment.

How would you describe the atmosphere of the team?

The bigger the team gets, the more potential for various characters and cultures to collide. That can of course be challenging but ultimately it’s one of the keys to success: everyone brings their individual strengths and that’s essential. All in all the team’s atmosphere is very collegial and friendly, certainly in my experience. I’m always glad to come to work and am very comfortable with my colleagues. Our “Talent & Culture Team” also very much fosters that positive environment through their work — the name says it all, it’s wonderful and it’s not something you can take for granted.

What are you looking forward to in 2019 the most?

I’m excited to see how customers react to our German platform WeltInvest’s new savings plan. Implementation is already taking place so investors will soon find out more!


Thanks for speaking with us, Josephine!