31.08.2016 | Estimated 2 minutes reading time | Print this article

Raisin’s First Hackathon

On August 25th we organized our first Raisin Hackathon to explore the mobile framework React Native. More than 20 interested hackers from both inside and outside the company met to gather ideas and build an app within 12 exciting hours. Three interdisciplinary teams were formed and challenged in different fields including user experience, data processing and performance, as well as employing mobile hardware.

The apps that were created included one that reflected the Raisin platform called “Raisin Offer Finder”, another for organizing lunches within a company titled “LunchBuddy”, and lastly an app that helped plan and organize office kitchen duties named “3 See Shells”. All of the hackers proved themselves to be creative thinkers and interaction designers with sharp thoughts on the business problems. Despite all three apps being quite impressive, it was LunchBuddy that the jury selected as the winner. Factors that differentiated LunchBuddy from the other apps included their usage of Google Places API for their product, the impressive user interface, as well as a minimum viable product that was ready to use on a smartphone. The results were remarkable for something that had been created in such a short time frame.

The Hackathon was great fun for everyone involved. Thank you to all those who participated and we look forward to the next one! If this has raised your interest, and you are passionate about fintechs we are hiring! For more information please go to https://www.raisin.com/careers/.