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Summer Is Lasting Longer This Year: Extension of Summer Promotion

Summer just got longer: Due to the strong demand of our customers, we decided to extend the summer bonus promotion until end of September! Therefore, you still have the opportunity to combine both bonuses available and earn up to €175 for you next vacation.

Besides attractive interest rates across Europe, Raisin offers savers a summer bonus of up to €100. In addition, new customers can earn a welcome bonus of up to €75. This way, the maximum bonus available to new customers in September amounts to a total of €175!


Summer bonus:

The summer bonus is available to all new and existing customers until 30 September 2017. Savers earn €25 for any successful order or any successful prolongation of an existing term deposit that takes place until 30 September 2017.

To be eligible for the summer bonus, you have to invest in a term deposit or prolong your existing term deposit by 30 September 2017 at the latest. This means that we need to receive the required documents and your Raisin account gets credited with the desired investment amount until 30 September 2017.

The summer bonus is capped at a maximum of €100 per customer, which means a maximum of 4 new or prolonged term deposits are eligible. The summer bonus can be combined with any other bonus.

If you are eligible, the bonus will be credited automatically to your Raisin account by mid-October.


Welcome bonus:

The welcome bonus is valid for all new customers and can be requested upon completion of your first term deposit with one of our partner banks. The bonus applies to the first term deposit and the amount is dependent on the term of the deposit:

– Up to 1.5 years € 25
– 2 to 3 years € 50
– Above 3 years € 75

To receive the bonus, please send an email to service@raisin.com with the subject “Welcome bonus”. The bonus will be added to your Raisin Account within 14 days of successfully completing the criteria required.