26.04.2018 | Estimated 2 minutes reading time | Print this article

We Have Streamlined Our Registration Process!

Here at Raisin, we constantly strive to improve our service. For this reason, we have been working on our registration process over the last few months and are now happy to present the new registration flow. In the past, the entire registration could take more than one week, as the login credentials had to be sent by mail to our customers – only after customers received their login credentials, they were able to log into the Raisin Online Banking System and access term deposits from all across Europe. From now on, customers can set their own PIN during registration and log into the Online Banking System right away!

Since we no longer have to send PIN letters to our customers after registering with us, we were able to significantly streamline the registration process: After filling out the registration form, customers will have to set their own PIN before they will be able to access the Raisin Online Banking System. Customers will then have to upload an official identity document as well as a proof of address document. The last step will be to perform a reference transaction of at least EUR 0.10 from the bank account customers specified during registration. As soon as we have verified all required data, we will give customers unrestricted access to the Online Banking System.

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