The first and only pan-European deposit marketplace

Raisin enables banks to expand or to diversify their funding reach (“Product Bank model”) as well as to monetize their excess liquidity (“Distribution Bank model”). We are available in 30 markets across Europe and operate country-dedicated platforms in Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Netherlands and the UK. Since our launch in 2013, we have successfully delivered over EUR 15.5 billion in multi-currency funding to our partner banks.

Acquire the needed stable funding, optimize your costs and diversify your funding sources.


Acquire Funding

  • Access stable and long-term retail and corporate deposit funding.
  • Choose a funding mix that perfectly matches your assets and currency structure needs.
  • Reduce funding cost, accessing funding from the cheapest markets.
  • Improve your LCR & NSFR ratios with retail quality funding.
  • Take advantage of the full range of Raisin’s integration solutions, providing full process automation and API for free.
  • Exert full control over volumes and maturities.


Diversify Sources

  • Gain access to 30 European savings markets and offer market-specific pricing.
  • Acquire funding from retail and corporate customers.
  • Build your portfolio in various currencies.
  • Offer your products to customers of other banks.
  • Offer full product spectrum – overnight money, term deposits and notice accounts in all maturities.
  • Expand your distribution capacity across your home market.

Offer third party deposits and monetize your excess liquidity.


Explore Open Banking

  • Offer attractive deposit products to your customers choosing from Raisin´s partners, 100% protected by deposit guarantee schemes.
  • Tailor your customer offer choosing from the widest deposit offering in the EU.
  • Easily integrate the products into your system and be in control of the customer experience.
  • Gain a powerful and innovative tool for customer acquisition and retention.


Monetize Liquidity

  • Earn an attractive commission on the deposits brokered.
  • Optimize your balance sheet and avoid the ECB penalty interest.
  • Convert low and negative-margin products into revenue streams.
  • Benefit from a flexible setup with no fixed costs and maximum flexibility to turn on/off the offer.

One month onboarding with minimum resources from partner bank with a
dedicated account manager from Raisin.

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Our backers

We have raised more than EUR 170 million in funding from leading investors including PayPal, Index
Ventures, Ribbit Capital and Thrive Capital and we are here to last.