How to use Raisin: a quick start guide

Open your Raisin Account in three easy steps

Open a Raisin Account

Finish your registration and complete video identification.

Select a product

Log in to your Raisin Account and select your preferred savings accounts.

Start saving

Transfer the required investment amount – We will take care of the rest for you. The best part: You only have to verify your identity once!

1. Register for a Raisin Account and grow your savings

  • Register

Click on Register now, enter your email address and complete the registration form

  • Identify yourself and your address

Before we open your account, we need to make sure that you are you! We do this to make sure that the person opening their Raisin Account is really who they say they are.

Download our App to verify your identity by videocall. Make sure you have your ID or passport at hand. Once you have completed the initial registration flow you will be able to video call an IDnow operator who can verify your identity.

Download on the App Store ›

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  • Upload a Proof of Address

Upload one of these documents:

  • Bank statement with your name and address
  • Utility bill (water, electricity, gas or telephone landline), providing similar information
  • Certificate of tax residence with your name and address issued by the tax office



2. Choose the savings account that’s right for you

Once your Raisin Account is open, you will be able to choose savings accounts from all over Europe. All the important information you’ll need to know, such as the bank, interest rates or length term, are set out clearly so you can make easy comparisons.

3. Tell us which account you want to apply for

When you’ve chosen the savings account that’s right for you, let us know by logging in to your Raisin Account and selecting the savings account you want to open. You can apply to open as many accounts as you like.

4. Transfer your money

The next step is to make a deposit. Transfer the funds from your bank. You will find the IBAN of your Raisin Account in your online banking, or in the welcome email.

Once the funds have arrived in your Raisin Account, the bank will review your application and once approved, your money will be automatically transferred to your new savings account.

We will send you an email with the opening confirmation.

5. Watch your money grow

All that’s left for you to do is sit back, relax and watch your money grow.

Is my money safe?

The answer is yes. Your savings are protected by each country’s Deposit Guarantee scheme up to €100,000 per customer per bank. You can find more information on the protection of European citizens’ savings here.