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2 years | EUR

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Interest rate Term Currency
0.01 % p.a.
6 months EUR
0.01 % p.a.
1 year EUR
0.05 % p.a.
1.5 years EUR
0.10 % p.a.
2 years EUR

About Euram Bank

Euram Bank (European American Investment Bank AG), an independent Austrian private bank based in Vienna, was founded in 1999 and has since established itself in the areas of private and investment banking for Austrian and international individuals, entrepreneurs and institutional investors.

Euram Bank has a solid capital base and is committed to a total return approach, which focuses on long-term wealth preservation and strict discipline in risk management.

Offer details

Effective rate
0.10 % p.a.
Nominal rate
0.10 % p.a.
2 years
At maturity
Interest payout
At maturity
Interest taxation
Compound interest
Min/Max investment amount
5,000 – 100,000  EUR
  • Prolongation is only possible 28 to 5 days before termination
  • 100% online
  • Prolongation Possible
  • Interest payout possible
Withholding tax
The standard withholding tax rate on interest in Austria is 25%. The exact withholding tax rate will depend on your country of residence.
Additional documents
An online application is sufficient for opening and prolongation.

Security and deposit guarantee

Austria is a democratic and federal republic in Central Europe.

It is a founding member of the OECD and has been a member of the EU since 1995. With a higher GDP per capita than Germany, Austria is one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

The Austrian economy is characterized by the high amount of renewable energy consumption, which is mainly due to the large hydropower resources in the Alps.

The country has high standards in terms of bank secrecy, compliance and investor protection and therefore boasts a credit rating of Aa1/AA+. The banking sector in Austria is regulated by strict legal guidelines and abidance is regularly checked by the supervisory authorities.

Deposits with Euram Bank are fully protected for amounts up to EUR 100,000 per customer by the Austrian Deposit Guarantee Scheme (Einlagensicherung der Banken & Bankiers Gesellschaft m.b.H.), backed by the Austrian state. This protection covers the deposits of all individuals, not just those of Austrian citizens. Further information about the Deposit Guarantee Scheme in Austria can be found at

All Member States of the European Union have agreed on the need to better protect savers. Throughout Europe, the minimum requirements for national Deposit Guarantee Schemes were harmonized a number of years ago (EU Directives 94/19/EC, 2009/14/EC, and 2014/49/EU). These directives provide a standardized, high level of protection of deposits across the EU, regulating, among other things, repayment modalities and repayment deadlines.

Tax process and documents

The standard withholding tax rate on interest in Austria is 25%. The exact withholding tax rate will depend on your country of residence.

Raisin is not able to assist you in regard to any withholding tax issues. We therefore kindly ask you to consult a tax advisor or your local tax office / authority who will be able to assist you with any questions in this regard.

Please note that the responsibility for reducing withholding tax lies solely with the owner of the savings product. We must also point out that interest generated income may also be subject to taxation in your home country.

An online application is sufficient for opening and prolongation.

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The European American Investment Bank AG (Euram Bank) with its seat at Palais Esterházy, Wallnerstraße 4, 1010 Vienna, Austria is registered with the Commercial Court of Vienna under no. : FN 286544 p. Euram Bank is authorized and regulated by the Austrian Financial Market Authority.
Your eligible deposits with the Euram Bank are protected up to a total of EUR 100,000 by Einlagensicherung der Banken und Bankiers Gesellschaft m.b.H (, one of the five Austrian deposit protection schemes. Any deposits you hold above the EUR 100,000 limit are not covered. This communication has been authorized by the Euram Bank.